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  1. .A-R-K-Y.

    .A-R-K-Y. Forum Greenhorn

    Hello all,

    My name is A-R-K-Y and I come from England, used this name for 8 years now. Although I have gone by a lot of names in the past, the most used being Yttrium or Koala.
    I'm pretty sure most of the people on my two main servers (US1 and GB1) know me, or know of me. And if not, you might have seen me on a few forums, or even Seafight Videos ;)

    As I said I've been playing Seafight for over 8 years now, Pirate since: 2006-10-19, although I did start in Sept of 06, i've forgotten the login for that account :(.
    I used to be really active on the forums back then, even was asked to be a board mod at one point, but I was to young at the time so had to turn it down.

    Now onto the Server bit (this might take a while)...
    I started off on Global Europe 1, when it was the only server available, I had a small boat for a long time, but enjoyed the PvP and the stack fights so much I would never turn a fight down. Once the local servers came out, I followed my friends and took a trip over to GB1 server, where I played for about 6 months before moving back to INT1.

    Continued to play on INT 1 for a while, before following my guild at the time [DCX] over to US1 (US East). Right from the start I enjoyed this server more than any other - the amount of crying in chat these Americans did from me sinking them was to much fun to pass up. It was then I decided I would make this my main server.

    Between then and now, I tried a few other servers, joined Global America 1 when it first came out, played it for a few weeks, got to number 1 in EP with 500k (only time I will ever be a high rank for EP I will tell you that ;)), it just didn't have the fun factor US East was giving me, so I left.

    About two years ago I tried out US West (US2), went over there with my guild at the time [185], and we formed [235], made alot of enemies but had a lot of fun. When my guild mates started to quit/become inactive though, the fun was lost, thus, I said bye and went back to US East - but i've still got my ship so who knows, I might be back to give em another good chaining ;).

    So I've been playing on US East for about 6 years now I would say, although currently it isn't my main server, I still have a few maxed out boats over there so jump on every so often, you can find me in [NEW].

    Last December, just before Christmas, I decided I was bored of sinking the people on US East, with just over 80,000 destroyed ships being rank 2 in the HoF, I thought i'd sank them enough, and wanted to give them a break. So, it was time for me to move back to GB1, this time to give them some trouble. ;)
    I got a few friends from US1 to follow me over, Dial-911, Rich, SinkYouOnSite, and Nova, so I formed a guild, [!Ɵ!] Oblivion. Initially, we were just going to build up and not bother anyone, however, after only playing on that server for a few hours we were getting hit by the biggest ally on the server. So it was decided, we would help the other alliance out ;). Within days we were sailing around in our group of 5 or 6 !Ɵ! players chaining the biggest boats on the server, the tears made it so much more sweet. Been here for 11 months now, had a few breaks inbetween due to life, etc, but still chaining the same people and making them cry in chat. Nothing makes the game quite as fun for me as watching people complain in chat about being sunk :)
    9 !ƟbliVioN! 349'788 is the Guild BP, not bad for 11 months with only a few boats in the guild and being vastly out numbered the majority of time :)

    Finally, the server bit is done ;) A little bit more about me I think:
    As you can hopefully tell, I like to fight on this game. I hate doing scrolls, raid maps, events, shooting gold etc etc, I like the PvP.
    I hate cheaters and bug users, i'm 100% against them, hope they get perma banned, and I have been known to report my own guild mates if I find out they are using anything of the sort.

    But yeah, the games all about the PvP for me, and thats what keeps me playing. Oh, the Mods might remember me from the Here Come The Mods event ;)...
    US1 Server:
    First place- Υttrium
    US2 Server:
    First place- A^R^K^Y
    Unfortunately I wasn't playing the UK Server at the time so couldn't win it on that server as well :(

    Well, can't really think of anything else to say, so feel free to ask me any questions and come find me on the water ;)

  2. LADYDI02

    LADYDI02 Advanced

    dont know u cause i play on global america 2 but i like u, keep it up m8
  3. Koala

    Koala Forum Apprentice

    Thank you very much! :)
    I keep hearing alot about GA2, wanted to go play over there a few times but not knowing anyone i decided against it. Maybe in the future i will come play though :D

  4. LADYDI02

    LADYDI02 Advanced

    well if u like fighting alot than its a great server, theres allways a war lol
    Koala likes this.
  5. unknownhunter

    unknownhunter Advanced

    A^R^K^Y didn't even mention of some italian mates you had for some month in US2 :( really disappointed :(
  6. Arky

    Arky Forum Greenhorn

    Sorry mate! How could I have forgotten to mention you!! Was Alot of fun back then ;) Are you still playing Seafight?
  7. unknownhunter

    unknownhunter Advanced

    just started again with a ship that i had left quite hard but you know i can do it :) what about you have you still got your ship here?
  8. unknownhunter

    unknownhunter Advanced

    well still better than mine altough i try to improve fast it's a loooong way to go
  9. arky hows the uk ship comming along
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  10. Grand-mariner™

    Grand-mariner™ Forum Veteran

    Not seen this yet, Bush - Perhaps the ship is hiding under a light that actually works? ;)
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2015
  11. Mary-Weather

    Mary-Weather Junior Expert

    I've seen ya around on the beta server ;)

    Afraid I did decide to sink ya - but you did shoot first :p
  12. unknownhunter

    unknownhunter Advanced

    tell me how can i contact you i have a few questions for ya :D
  13. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    I am in US East chat a lot mate, hop on by :)
  14. unknownhunter

    unknownhunter Advanced

    i did send u a pub mail check for it and contact me :)
  15. unknownhunter

    unknownhunter Advanced

    alright i had send it to A#R#K#Y but now i try send this one lol
  16. billybobjoe33

    billybobjoe33 Active Author

    Arky if you still want to come over to Global America 2 you are welcome anytime :) Rich and i believe he calls himself pepe over there have our ts so your welcome to come hangout with us!
  17. CPIRRA©.KS

    CPIRRA©.KS Forum Apprentice

    King Arky :)
  18. *DRAKEN*

    *DRAKEN* Forum Apprentice

    A-R-K-Y Beast :) and Rich Too :D
  19. Lindy

    Lindy Forum Greenhorn

    just a shout out... say hello to Dial for me mate

    Last edited by moderator: Mar 1, 2015
  20. ~JB~

    ~JB~ Forum Apprentice

    Arky, you are my Queen! <3

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