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  1. JonnyFive

    JonnyFive Guest

    Well I have news for you 185 is still not in rank for battle points here roflmao it still showing your rank for your serve east/40 and not mega server or on GA1/85 so dream on funny boy just like all the BP you claim as how well you are doing from like you said small server BP is based of of your rank the higher the person you sink over your rank more BP funny how you use this whem over 50% of GA1 server has higher rank than your tiny little itti bitty rank so your player getting 13 -20 bp and most here get what 3-6 and once in a while 13 to dam funny. If they do a hard reset all those ranks in BP or hall of shame history for you losers! lmao your rank 7th 139k battle points wow they do hard merge that will drop you 100 or more spots to funny and talking like battle points are a big deal!
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  2. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    well good u guys gonna get more bp when the spy option is fixed, lightpoppers lol
  3. michaelwells

    michaelwells Forum Ambassador

    PBR Streetgang and Duey will actually slug it out, toe-to-toe, with you. I have respect for those 2 boats. They will go 1 v 1, and no running. I have had different experiences with MOST of the rest of them.
  5. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Correct the Guild BP Ranks were not merged, however it does not take long to check all the servers to see that 185 was at the top.
    Shame that this feature is no longer working as it would have been nice to see just how much of a lead we had on you now.
    I also get 3 or 6 battle points from a lot of people, sometimes even 1. Again, correct, you didn't need a huge amount to be in he top 10 on my server, because as you said US East was a small server compared to GA1 - its all relative to the size of the server you played on.

    The new spy is great ;)

    Thats true, most people do push. But, on Global America there really isn't any need for pushing the BP Rank. There is so many boats you don't have to sail for long at all before you run into a few enemy you haven't sank yet.

  6. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    You also have to keep in mind the amount of money that you spend on this game Arky, your guild spends a signifigant amount more than mostplayers on game. This game is not about talent anymore it is about what you spend.

    Battlepoints are not really an accurate way of calculating success seein as there are pets or gems- Which you can only get by buying- that increases your battlepoints, so those that dont buy those items do not get the same amount of battlepoints. FYI Arky, you only worth 15BP.
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  7. JonnyFive

    JonnyFive Guest

    It's is easy to pass players that have given up playing this load of garbage game that got tired of the lies that come from BP and don't even play anymore just login to see that still nothing being done to fix just adding more and more payment stuff and nothing about fixing the game. Just like the permanent bans to the exploiters biggest lie told! Lets not forget now with the new mega server that has bot's from 7 servers jammed into1 lol I been reading all about the harp and shinny bot's on multiples every map not to say about the scroll bot's or npc bots that is all this game is now. So I pass on all of it!
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  8. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    So let me just do a quick update for you all.

    Currently the SFA alliance we were fighting has now been pretty much defeated. Our alliance now has all the islands, and there isn't many stack fights between alliances anymore, just sailing around sinking a few as you come across them.

    So, we decided to take over the mini raid from SooL! We built a few mini raid boats and started fighting SooL (A guild full of level 15 players who do not level up, and sink anyone who is not SooL from the mini raid). It was a tough fight at the beginning being outnumbered and against fully maxed out boats. But after a week or two of fighting them all night, we could tell their resources were starting to fall, the fights started getting easier, we started winning the mini raid. Once we started winning the mini raid, the farmers that SooL are, started to leave the guild and joined Boo! (who are in our alliance), so now the fights are a little easier when we do go in their.

    R1 decided to leave the alliance and shoot everyone. We were good friends but we don't let that stop us, we get on and chain them around a bit.

    So yeah, not much action right now, although i hear the we might be getting a good fight here again soon, we look forward to it ;)

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  9. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    Ah Arky what a great view u have of the game you have from the safehaven.
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  10. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    So lets do another update for you all lol, 185 was kicked out of their alliance 1 day after this post lmao, as islands were being taken from their own alliance they were nowhere to be found EVER!!! More and more of 185 are leaving and joining other guilds.
    Im sure arky will tell you that they left their alliance on their own free will but speak to any other guild from their former alliance and you will hear the real truth of what has been going on.
    FYI for an alliance that has "dominated" server, they have lost over 20mill in pearls replacing cadocs that have been systematically removed, im sure 185 wouldnt know this as they only play for themselves, well, now they will have to.
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  11. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    I will tell you exactly what happened.

    Vento (Leader of Boo!) asked R1 for help to defend islands from SFA, I shot R1 because they were not with us and I do not like them playing both sides, stacking with SFA one day, Boo the next. Vento told me to not shoot the R1, I told him no. Then he hit 185, so 185 hit Boo and the rest of the alliance.

    I am and 185 are, perfectly fine with that, in fact most of us have not had this much fun in a while.

    As for people leaving, you keep saying this yet you name the two people i kicked lol... no one else has left since them, which was like a month ago lol
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  12. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    Storytime with Arky!!! I think at the point that you are shot by your alliance and u had to defend, you were kicked, but hey im not going to argue semantics with a storyteller.
  13. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    Lol kyloe, I love how you trash talk A-R-K-Y, and then your guild beg 185 to join their alliance because your entire serve know not to Edit with 185.
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  14. Capt.D

    Capt.D Forum Expert

    Now that's to funny never seen anybody beg any guild in a game and afraid of what get a life, what a joke.
  15. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Just thought I'd share... I got this at the start of October....


    Got my 9 year on US East and England 1 as well


  16. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    nice one and happy b.day
  17. killcrazy

    killcrazy Forum Apprentice

  18. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Thank you Ratty! Wish I had my Phantom Dragon to go with it, but didn't get a code for it when it was given out because I don't actively use that account :(
    Congrats mate! Miss them days of sailing around Global Europe 1 just sinking everyone ;)
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  19. NoRemorse

    NoRemorse Forum Apprentice

    arky whats up tis seb!
  20. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

    Arky get in water we need 185 to show up and give us some juicy BP

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