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  1. Mean-Soul

    Mean-Soul Someday Author

    Hi there, I do understand that i have made many mistakes on seafight.. especially on chat.. i thought i would make this thread so people know how sorry i am about what i say.. and i never mean it.. i know that some of the things i say are really harsh.. once again i am very orry about this..

    Apart from that.. i have 17 elite levels nearly 18th and 24 event skins.. 1 of them a World Cup hopefuly gonna get a 2nd tonight :) i used to be in RN2 untill christmas 2013.. ever since then i have been part of ZK ally :) which i think is my home guilds..

    if theres anything you want to ask me (not personal) then go ahead :)
  2. [AM§]*Wølƒ*

    [AM§]*Wølƒ* Forum Overlooker

    Mean Soul seems to suit you. ANd nice to meet you. I play on GA2 with AM§. What about you?
  3. Mean-Soul

    Mean-Soul Someday Author

    i play on UK1 server :) i am hated much on there..
  4. [AM§]*Wølƒ*

    [AM§]*Wølƒ* Forum Overlooker

    I wonder why.... :p

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