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  1. CharlesVaneee

    CharlesVaneee Active Author

    Hi im aidxN, I play on MS6/UK Server. I am 19 years old and from Manchester, England.

    As My boat is now 1 year old I thought I'd introduce myself, In my active time (9 Months) I have gained 113,000 battle points which has put me at rank 55 in the rankings and become lvl 23 (spent all crowns on voodoos RIP). I now have a you tube channel called 'aidxNSF' where I currently have two seafight videos and will try and upload once a month.

    I started the game with a fresh account, having being an old player but always weak. My first guild was V guild with Jems and which had ReadyforWar as council. I enjoyed my time here with the few members we had, and stayed here for a couple months until leaving when ReadyforWar decided to make his own Guild which was UK (United Killers) I became co-leader position and we had gained over 40 members in only a month or two. Due to our size we had gained an ally with Z&K, KRC & AZO to fight T guild, RED, Bam,T&D,!O! and others.

    I never particularly liked my alliance, as other guilds had different naps and our guild would often get sunk while our 'ally' watched. I took it into my own hands and decided to sink BA, with some friends this made our guild become very close to being kicked out of the alliance, but in the end Crazy made the decision to leave.

    In UK, Muffin man and me was good friends with DooM who had decent amount of strong ships. They became war with Z&K, and Z&K was shooting DooM before hitting Bam, T&D this annoyed me and muffin as they had been war a lot longer than DooM. Me and Muffin decided to leave UK, and join DooM and this got me banned from Z&K ts for 27 years :p.
    A this time we had a lot of strong members with Drake/Toretto being our best and Hell Hammer. We was a good guild having being one of the only guilds to hold an island at the time apart from T guild. We had some good fights with Z&K losing some but mostly winning, as my boat become stronger I could now 1v1 Bravo & Classics the two strongest members we ended up winning pretty easily. I became the strongest boat in DooM and called my boat 'Obey' ;) . I enjoyed my time in DooM and still to date I regard as the best guild I have been in and I made good friends which I have now lost due to being in enemy guilds.

    March 2017, Our island was getting taken over by Bam at night me and a few members were on but we had no chance to defend against bam with 40 ships :rolleyes:. We had tried to call 185 to help us but only 1 or two boats turned up we lost it within the hour. We all felt angry with 185 as they had many more ships online and we thought we was alliance with them but it turned out we was just a nap/no shoot. Along with this and Tamfasta joining our guild we became breaking away with 185 after they gave us an ultimatum to kick tamfasta or be war with 185. in global chat. Of course it was me who said 'we will take tam thanks' :p, members in our ts felt the same so we took the war that Arky declared on us and that night took a stack of our ships to 7/4 and smashed 6/7 185 boats:D. This fight lasted 10-20 minutes and we came out on top and we was all buzzing posting our sinks until 10 mins later 185 had called its strongest members, likes of Shadowfax, timetomeetyourmaker, ARKY we then got completely destroyed XD.

    We kept fighting for a couple of weeks but having to fight 185 & Z&K we could not win if they fought together. There was disputes with our leader Negative and council Dr Strange in which he left. This was it for me and muffin we liked Dr Strange so I left and became unguilded sailing with them for a a week or two. I then wanted to join a guild but had limited options due to me being an enemy of 185, and being a little confident in chat :p I had an offer to join Blitzens guild but had to apologise to 185 before I could join sorry @A-R-K-Y but I could not :p

    In May, I decided to join Q.Q guild a war guild who had only nap with Bam a german war guild and our biggest war was 185. It was not the most active with only cat being there but I had been freinds with Vippussycat since I started so it made sense. We had made a nap with Z&K suprisingly :p to fight BA & T&D and was now allowed back into TS xD.

    Thanks for reading, I hope it wasn't too boring, see you on the water! :D.

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  2. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Hey aidxN,

    Nice story mate, I didnt know the start at all, nice to get to know you. Didn't know you are from Manchester, not that far from me :p

    Don't be sorry mate, although it would of been easier to just say sorry for the comments you said, at least some good fights have and probably will come out of it ;)

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  3. CharlesVaneee

    CharlesVaneee Active Author

    Thanks Arky,

    You live in North West? and yes maybe that would have been better but no hard feelings :p
  4. Ɗяєɗɗєɗ

    Ɗяєɗɗєɗ Padavan

    Nice story, it's nice to find out about players background.

    - Blitzen
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  5. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Yeah I do :)

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  6. BurzzT

    BurzzT Forum Apprentice

    Nice to meet you.
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  7. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    I'd say nice to meet you but I think we're past that stage now Aidan <3 But 2 things.... Not 1 mention of poor old Destruction? :( You mentioned Time2MeetYourMaker as a strong boat but didn't include me... You have no idea how much this hurts!
  8. CharlesVaneee

    CharlesVaneee Active Author

    Des<3 Haha I didnt mention because I dont remember you being in that fight or I didnt recongnise your name at the time.

    But, Des you are a strong boat. Hows that? :p
  9. Destruction

    Destruction Old Hand

    It's a step down from the royal title I deserve, but I'll take it ;) Oh I was at the fight all the time until the farmers finally finished the Harrowstorm and came down lol. All the relevant ships like Dial, Arky, Shadow, JB, Conflict, Cheeky... All of them but me were farming away hehe
  10. SazerKING

    SazerKING Junior Expert

    Hi aidxn, Nice to meet you.
  11. CharlesVaneee

    CharlesVaneee Active Author

    Nice to meet you mate.
  12. -CATTY-

    -CATTY- Forum Greenhorn

    In May, I decided to join Q.Q guild a war guild who had only nap with Bam a german war guild and our biggest war was 185. It was not the most active with only cat being there but I had been freinds with Vippussycat since I started so it made sense. We had made a nap with Z&K suprisingly :p to fight BA & T&D and was now allowed back into TS xD.

    Had been ^^

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