another response to Swift who likes to close my threads.

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  1. So, Swift, I see you have closed my conversation. I will copy and past it into the 'discussion' area where it belongs. Oh, I see I cannot post it there so I will put it back in 'questions'

    You say you will not argue with me about a post by another player. If you actually read what I wrote, it was not about the thread itself, but about where it belonged in the forums. The player obviously was asking a why do you deem it to belong in another area of the forums?

    "when will BP do something about players using auto-lock programs?" seems much more like a question to me rather than a 'general discussion' statement. Or is my English failing me?​
    Swift...I realize you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. I am sure, people like me, are just a part of the irritating issues that come along with any situation. What I don't understand is why you do it? Why do you continue to deflect when players have legitimate complaints? What is in it for you? I just cannot imagine what you are getting out of this...there MUST be some sort of reward. Us humans just don't sit and allow ourselves to be abused and/or work without any type of positive outcome. Explain it to me please. I am curious as to why someone who is, obviously, fairly intelligent would continue to work for free with such an inept organization.
    Now wait a minute are saying that BP does not allow players to discuss the ongoing cheats that are ruining the game? You allow players to run bots and programs, but us honest players cannot have a valid discussion as to how this is affecting the game? This is becoming dystopian, right? You control the content of the conversation regarding issues that affect the players who are paying the salary of the people at BP? this is extremely strange to me. I can understand the difficulty in writing programs to eliminate cheats, but I cannot understand why it should not be talked about....oh, other than BP would like for us all to believe that the game is not infested by cheats that rob honesty by rewarding the cheaters with all the monthly and event rewards? I just do not understand this type of reasoning. In my humble opinion, there should be a specific area in the forums where cheats are fully discussed and what there might be able to do to rid the game of them. I am sure there are reasonable solutions that could be put into just eliminating the rewards. Yes, this would have a negative effect on honest players too, but it would greatly reduce the incentive for running bots. There should also be a open forum area to report cheats... BPs attitude is that it is unfair to report cheats because players might abuse it....well...come on...aren't all cheaters abusing the rest of us?????? It is a very strange double standard BP has allowed to go on for years. I wish SOMEONE would explain this negative attitude towards players who have invested a lot of time and $s into this game only to be silenced by 'rules.'
  2. Swift

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    As mentioned in the
    Forum Netiquette:
    The reason the last thread was closed was noted in that thread. As mentioned, do not create a new thread, if you would like to send a complaint about my closing of a thread or further information, then send it to Support (as I am a BA) who will take the appropriate actions.

    This thread shall be closed.

    Happy Sailing!

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