April Fools - Duckie Hunt!

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    April Fools - Duckie Hunt!

    The event is only active on the 1st April, starting at 00:00 and ending at 23:59 local server time.

    All times are local server times.

    The Duckie Hunt event features the following:

    • Collect the event item “Collector’s Item” and transform your ship design into a “Rubber Duck”
    • Event Ranking
    General Info

    The Duckie Hunt Event is a capture event.

    During the event the item “Collector’s Item” spawns on sea-chart.

    When you’ve collected one, your ship design transforms into a Rubber Duck and you also receive ranking points to rise up in the event ranking.

    The longer you carry the rubber duck, the more ranking points you receive.

    The item gets dropped automatically after 30 minutes.

    The “Collector’s Item” spawns on following maps and level ranges:

    • Map 1 to 20 for players level 2 to 20
    • Map 21/1 to 40/1 for players level 21 to 40
    • Map 41/1 to 50/1 for players level 41 to 50
    • Map 45/2 to 54/1 (Lost Fleet maps) for players level 51 to 55
    • Atlantis 1/1 to 4/2 for players level 1 to 55
    Don’t go too close to a guild island else you’ll automatically drop the collectors item!


    1.Jester Design (Fallback. 100 Orichalkum)
    10x Staff of the Trickster
    10x Overlord Cannon Level 5
    125x Dragonfire Level 2
    100x Chilling Touch
    100x Stones of storm
    2. - 5.Jester Design (Fallback. 100 Orichalkum)
    5x Overlord Cannon Level 5
    10x Staff of the Trickster
    100x Dragonfire Level 2
    75x Chilling Touch
    75x Stone of storm
    6. 100.5x Staff of the Jester
    4 RandomJester Design (Fallback. 100 Orichalkum)
    5x Overlord Cannon Level 5
    5x Staff of the Trickster
    10x Dragonfire Level 2
    5x Chilling Touch
    5x Stone of storm
    6 Random5x Staff of the Trickster
    5x Dragonfire Level 2
    3x Chilling Touch
    3x Stone of storm