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Discussion in 'Users’ Corner' started by AnneDieuleVeut, May 14, 2018.

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  1. KieronMoonlight

    KieronMoonlight Forum Greenhorn

    Hello Producer (thinking you read all message)

    I don't understand the futur of seaFIGHT, you says you need to delete the cabin boy for all update.
    Ok perapse, but do you need to change it with other thing for all player pay more on this game?
    I think no, for me you need just more money and for make it you must lie for create update.
    For your all news you says you listen player, but it's not true. You listen only you money account.
    For create a very good game you must listen ALL player.
    At this time with all news bulshit you put on this game you can change this name in SeaFarm, because all shooter are forgoten by you.
    You create bomb only for farmer because they can't fight and defend when fighter comes.
    you have changed the message of the appearance of the admiral npc just for the farmer do it even more.
    You create fleet because the farmer don't know take island.
    Before create all news, start to be REAL GOOD SERVER WITHOUT LAG AND FREEZE
    It's time to speak with all player on 1 Teamspeak, because in the futur your game will be die if you don't change your position.
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  2. kyloe

    kyloe Forum Master

    Agreed, Cabin Boys were apparently taken out to help deal with the lag issues, yet now you put them in backmarket during events????
    Was it not during events the times that lag was most apparent?
  3. TwistedlyCute

    TwistedlyCute Forum Apprentice

    they should put em back to pearls with no cabin boys this game is dead
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  4. Lil`Wolf

    Lil`Wolf Junior Expert

    It has died already..I know of 5 players who quit as of yesterday.
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  5. justdie

    justdie Advanced

    You no PaY? then why you complain, you payyyy, you weeeen, if you no pay shut the hell up and lose.

    LOL Freee to Plaaayyyy! BTW.
  6. bytza

    bytza Forum Apprentice

    Moredekaiser/Aurelion nice combination.
  7. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

  8. Sec4Life

    Sec4Life Forum Greenhorn

    they keep deleteing my post
    lmao why u delete mine is it inside job for draken i say so
  9. Sec4Life

    Sec4Life Forum Greenhorn

    u cry all time never pay anything lmao cry cry u
  10. ☆.CR7.☆

    ☆.CR7.☆ Forum Apprentice

    Cabin boys are way too expsensive. Everything I earn will go to cabin boys, nothing else.

    Why make it so hard? Just why?
  11. Satan_Himself

    Satan_Himself Forum Baron

  12. Corsair_Bill

    Corsair_Bill Forum Connoisseur

    Hello, I see that the last posting here is a couple of weeks old, with no real follow up . . I was wondering, will there be a resolution to the cabin boy situation sometime soon? I realize some like the situation while others not so much, I'm one of the former, it makes little sense to me to try to compete with both the game and players while having a base 5.47 fire rate, even a fire rate of 4.38 with powder monkeys is pitiful compared to what the cabin boys provided. Please do something about the situation soon, because my boat is beginning to get water-logged sitting idle in safe haven while waiting for whatever new update is coming . . .
  13. antafrost

    antafrost Forum Greenhorn

    i wonder when a producer will actually care enough to respond
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  14. Loki162

    Loki162 Active Author

    there is a small chance
  15. TEX~BULL

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

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