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    Atlantis Item Renaming

    Pirates and Submariners,

    We've decided to give all the Atlantean Gems a name change to help you know exactly what you have, and talk about them more easily. Now all Offensive Gems end with -ine, all Defensive Gems end in -ite and all the Special Gems end with -ai. We've also renamed the Atlantean Extensions to have shorter names.
    With shorter names too, we hope this helps you explore the depths.

    Reinforced Section HatchesReinforced Hatches
    Refitted Hull IntersectionsRefitted Hull
    Precision Gauge MeterGauge Meter
    Extra ValvesExtra Valves
    Torpedo GuidanceTorpedo Guidance
    Restocking MechanismRestock Gadget
    OFFENSIVE GEMSRename Attributes
    KhurKalineTorpedo Damage
    Crit Chance (Class A)
    PkalPranineTorpedo Damage
    Crit Chance (Class B)
    MnyrMylineTorpedo Damage
    Crit Chance (Class C)
    BtarBartineHit chance
    SzuthZanineCritical Damage
    VqisVaquineHarpoon Damage
    DEFENSIVE GEMS Rename Attributes
    Vo dzhaDaziteHitpoints
    Breach Resistance (RED & PURPLE)
    Vo pkaiPryliteHitpoints
    Breach Resistance (BLUE & GREEN)
    Vo ngatNorgiteHitpoints
    Breach Resistance (YELLOW & ORANGE)
    Vo dpraeVospiteVoodoo Points
    Vo hrystHobiteHit dodge
    Vo muinMuriteRepair value
    Repair speed
    Vo jlarJayviteDamage Reduction
    SPECIAL GEMS Rename Attributes
    TukhlarTuklaiMove Speed
    Plakma tsunPakmaiBattlepoints gain
    G'shaiGushaiExperience gain
    Hystra tsunHystaiElitepoints gain
    Rae deklorDeklaiAEC charge speed
    Verzh co prijorPrinaiDamage vs NPCs
    Kuzh ag prijorKuhlaiGoldgain from NPCs
    Verzh co bnurisBrunsaiDamage vs Players
    Qu'vastVastaiSonic Cannon: create X breaches after use
    enghystzEtranaiadditional AEC
    Qu'vast glezhGlyzaiSonic Cannon: exploit all breaches in radius X
    mbruzikBruskaiStealth attack bonus
    Qu’veglimQuylaiSonar: reactivets a secon time after X seconds
    shadukkShakdaiDecoy Duration
    Decoy CD increase
    Qu’vast agroimAgranaiSonic Cannon: -X AEC cost

    Your Seafight Team

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