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    Swift Community Team Team Seafight

    Atlantis MS2
    Content expansion

    Welcome to Atlantis, a place of adventure and discovery. Dive beneath the waves with the new Submarine class, complete with new combat and features!

    Atlantis is the largest ever content expansion for Seafight. As you battle through the depths of Nautica, you’ll encounter new monsters and NPC’s, discover powerful tactics and meet interesting characters! You'll also get a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of this unique beautiful world.

    How is Atlantis accessed?

    In order to access Atlantis, you need to have an item called Poseidon's Eye. This can be obtained by completing the road to Atlantis quest line we introduced in milestone one.

    Once you have a Poseidon's Eye you'll be able to access Atlantis by using a portal, which is located in every safe haven, that will teleport you to the new deep haven; a safe haven in Atlantis.

    Please note, if you are in a Group you will be removed from a Group when switching to Atlantis, likewise if you are in a Group Map Queue you will be removed from the Queue.

    How many maps are there?

    Within Atlantis you will find 1 Safe Haven and 8 new underwater Maps, although, some will be restricted when you first enter until you complete the quest lines to gain more of the required items and progress.

    • Safe Haven, Map 1/1 and Map 1/2 - 1 x Poseidon's Eye
    • Map 2/1 and Map 2/2 - 2 x Poseidon's Eye
    • Map 3/1 - 3 x Poseidon's Eye
    • Map 3/2 - 4 x Poseidon's Eye
    • Map 4/2 - 5 x Poseidon's Eye
    • Map 4/1 - 6 x Poseidon's Eye
    You can view the map layout by clicking the World Map which will display the Atlantis maps when you are in Atlantis, and the surface maps when you are on the surface.

    How do I exit Atlantis?

    In the deep haven you will find another portal that will transport you back to the same surface Safe Haven map you entered Atlantis from.

    Please note, if you are in a Group you will be removed from a Group when switching back to the Surface, likewise if you are in a Group Map Queue you will be removed from the Queue.

    What is a submarine class?
    A Submarine is different than the traditional Ship we've seen in Seafight; it allows you to access the depths of Atlantis beneath the waves of Nautica.

    Submarine presets can only be used in the Atlantis Maps, regular Ship presets cannot be used in these maps. Similarly, Ship presets can only be used in the surface maps and not in Atlantis.

    You may notice some features will be disabled when playing as a Submarine, such as boarding. However, new features specific to submarines have been added including; Stealth, Sonar, Breaches and Decoys.

    As you may have guessed, a cannon wouldn’t fair too well underwater, so submarines come with torpedo launchers, and instead of cannonballs they fire torpedoes! Likewise, Ship Extensions, Figureheads and Sails have been replaced with Submarine Extensions, Warpaints and Propellers. You’ll also need yourself a nice new set of Crew specialised for Submarine warfare; your regular Ship Crew would be out of their depth!

    How do I switch to a Submarine class?

    When you change into an Atlantis map, your preset shall automatically be switched to the Submarine Presets, meaning that you will only be able to use the correct class based on the area you are.

    My screen looks different, what are these new toolbars?

    The first change you may notice is an Atlantis action bar. This contains four new buttons which each do different actions; Stealth, Sonar, Decoy and Exploit.
    Underneath the buttons you have your Atlantian Engine Crystals (more on these later!)

    The other major change you may notice is the addition of a torpedo belt! This shows you the slots you have unlocked to equip torpedoes and allows you to choose which torpedo you want to equip in which slot.

    How do I change Submarines?

    If you have multiple Submarine Designs you can change to a different one in the same way you would a Ship Design; going to the overview then pressing the ‘Switch design’ button.

    You can also add your Submarines to your favourites window, just like your Ships – they will only be seen when you have a Submarine preset active though!

    How many Submarine Presets can I have?

    You can currently have a maximum of 3 Submarine Presets, which are only visible while you are in Atlantis.

    What are Launchers and how do I equip them?

    Launchers are the Atlantian equivalent of Cannons; however, submarines are more compact, so not as many launchers are required.

    Each Launcher allows you to equip a Torpedo, this is where the real damage comes from, and any benefits you get from a Launcher is applied to every torpedo fired from the submarine.

    You can equip your Launchers by having a Submarine class active, then going to the Overview and Submarine equipment. From here, you can simply drag and drop the Launchers you wish to equip.

    What does my Launcher fire?

    Your Launcher can fire Torpedoes at your target. There are multiple types of torpedoes with differing stats, most of which can apply a Breach to your target!

    Torpedoes are loaded into your Launcher one-by-one, meaning that the second torpedo fired needs to wait longer to reload than the first torpedo, the third waiting longer than the second and so on.

    You do not need to wait for all your torpedoes to be reloade
    d before you can fire again however! you can fire any loaded torpedoes at any point.

    To equip a torpedo, simply click a slot on your torpedo belt and then select which torpedo you wish to equip in that slot. You can have different types of torpedoes equipped in different slots, and the order in which they reload might mean you wish to place certain torpedoes in an earlier slot than a later one.

    What are the different types of Breaches and how are they applied?

    Breaches are a special type of debuff that is applied to a target for 10 seconds after they have been hit by a torpedo, before the breach can be exploited!

    Each torpedo can apply a different type of breach, and if a breach of that type already exists on the target, then the effect stacks and their duration restarts at 10 seconds.

    The maximum number of breaches any target can have at one time is 7, regardless of the combination of breach types

    You can see which breaches are applied to a target, the duration and the stacked amount by an icon above the target.

    The effects of each type of breach are the following:

    • Red – Damage over Time (DoT)
    • Yellow – Reduced Critical Dodge Chance
    • Blue – Reduced Speed
    • Orange – Reduced Hitpoints and Voodoo Points Repair
    • Green – Increased Reload Time
    • Purple – Reduced Dodge

    What benefit does exploiting Breaches give and how do I do it?

    Once a breach has been opened, you can exploit it in order to hit your target with an additional effect – combine multiple types of breaches to really devastate your target!

    When a target has a breach applied to them, you can press your Exploit Breach button located on the Atlantis action bar to apply another effect. However, the breaches and their effect will be removed.

    The effect that is applied when exploiting depends on the type of breach.

    • Red – Damage’s the Target
    • Yellow – Increases the Damage on the Target
    • Blue – Immobilizes the Target
    • Orange – Target can’t gain HP/VP
    • Green – Stuns the target
    • Purple – Applies Damage over Time (DoT) with even more DoT when the target is moving
    Keep in mind however, to exploit a breach you need to have enough Atlantian Engine Crystals and the action cannot be on cooldown – so use this wisely!

    You mentioned Atlantian Engine Crystals, what are they and how do I get them?

    When things get tough and you may need to use your submarine's enhanced combat system, Atlantian Engine Crystals (AEC) are what will allow you to do so in ways that give you an edge over your opponent!

    Each of the four main submarine combat actions require Atlantian Engine Crystals in order to be used, luckily, these recharge on their own over time while you are alive until they are all fully charged.

    Your AEC can be seen below the combat actions, and the cost of AEC for each action can be seen towards the lower right of the combat button.

    You will be able to increase the amount of AEC you can hold and the rate of recharge with buffs, skills, castles and action items.

    How about the Decoy button, what does that do?

    A decoy can be vital in avoiding damage and staying alive! Pressing the Decoy button, if you have enough Atlantian Engine Crystals, will give you a short buff allowing you to dodge any incoming torpedoes!

    Stealth is also on the Submarine Action Bar, what happens when I press that?

    Stealth mode is excellent at allowing you to get away from pursuers or maybe you’d like to use it to surprise an enemy!?

    Pressing the Stealth action button will make your submarine invisible to other vessels for a short period of time. Of course, at the cost of some AEC!

    Attacking, changing map, using an action item or pressing the Stealth button again will remove Stealth from your submarine and you will be visible to all other vessels again.

    What does the Sonar action do?

    Think you’re being watched? You can take advantage of the Sonar to see if anyone is watching your movements, or maybe they have activated Stealth to try and escape? Locate them with your Sonar!

    Simply press the Sonar button when you have enough AEC and any stealthed submarines in range, including yourself, will be revealed to all.

    What are Propellers and how do I equip them?

    Propellers are the submarine equivalent of Sails, currently we have three types of Propellers:

    • Tsangra – provides Speed
    • Asat – provides less base Speed than Tsangra, but additional speed when Stealthed
    • Gyal – provides less base Speed than Tsangra, but additional speed when you have any Voodoo Points
    These can be equipped by going to the Overview window, selecting the Equipment tab and then moving your propellers from storage into the equipped section.

    What are Warpaints and how do I equip them?

    Warpaints are the submarine equivalent of Figureheads, currently we have four types of Warpaints:

    • Qomala – provides additional Gold and Experience Points
    • Khyurg – provides additional PvP Damage
    • Khanda – provdes additional Speed when in the normal state
    • Maktal – provides additional Elite Points
    These can be equipped by going to the Overview window, selecting the Equipment tab and then moving your warpaints from storage into the equipped section.

    What are Submarine Extensions and how do I equip them?

    You may have guessed; Submarine Extensions are the equivalent of the Ship Extensions! We currently have six types of Submarine Extensions:

    • Reinforced Section Hatches – provides additional Hitpoints and Heal Item Bonus
    • Refitted Hull Intersections – provides additional Hitpoints and Voodoo Points
    • Precision Gauge Meter – provides additional Voodoo Points
    • Extra Valves – provides additional Dodge Chance and Critical Hit Dodge Probability
    • Torgu – provides additional Critical Hit Chance and Torpedo Damage
    • Arsenal – provides additional Harpoon Damage and lowers Harpoon Reload
    These can be equipped by going to the Overview window, selecting the Equipment tab and then moving your extensions from storage into the equipped section.

    What about Pets?

    Pets are disabled in Atlantis; therefore, you won't receive any benefit from a Pet or the Pet Trainers while playing as a Submarine.

    Why can’t I board other submarines or NPC’s?

    While playing as a Submarine you cannot board other opponents or be boarded, thus you are also unable to equip any pirates or pirate equipment.

    Will my current Skills, Castles, Gems and Crew work in Atlantis?

    Playing as a Submarine means that a large majority of the Skills, Castles, Gems and Crew no longer have a benefit, as they gave bonuses such as Boarding or Cannon Damage. Consequently, we have added new Skills, Castles, Gems and Crew members specifically for the submarine class.

    Atlantis Crew members perform better when they are working alongside their comrades, so you gain additional benefits if they are working with a specific crew member, meaning the more you have the better the overall benefits!

    Don’t forget, new Skills means new Master Skills too! Use the M.O.A.T to fire a special torpedo that removes all breaches on your target and deals damage per breach removed!

    Maybe choosing a defensive Master Skill is more your style, such as Shared Pain to deal damage to the target and create breaches, or Backup Systems to charge all your AEC and remove any cooldown on your Stealth, Sonar and Decoy abilities!

    We also have some new Economy Master Skills too; Lucky Shot fires a Torpedo which deals damage to the target and creates a random breach, as well as giving you 200% extra gold from them. Like to save your torpedoes? With Savage Salvage for every kill you get within its duration you have the chance to regain the torpedo.

    What Action Items can I use?

    We have some new Action Items for you to use specifically for Atlantis;

    • Hawkins Minorus – instantly charges 1 Atlantian Engine Crystal
    • Hawkins Majorus – instantly charges all Atlantian Engine Crystals
    • Blackstar – removes the breach with the highest stack count
    We have also limited the use of some existing Action Items, for this release only certain action items will be able to be used; Bonus Map Presents, Snowman, Candles, Winterlights, Speed Items (e.g. Swiftstone), Behemoth Repair Staff, Amulets, Blessings, Battlepoint Booster, Talents, Ogouns Battle Blessing and the PvE to PvP item (for PvE Servers).

    Currently, the Aura of Protection cannot be used in Atlantis.

    Will we have any new Currencies to obtain?

    Yes, you will require the new currency “Orichalkum” in order to upgrade your submarine to defeat the mightiest foes!

    You will be able to get this as a reward from some NPC’s and Quests.

    How will the League work with Atlantis?

    Any Elite Points you earn while in Atlantis will be combined with any you earn on the surface to count towards your League ranking.
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