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    AIRTEC Regular

    i used an aura but it didnt activate but consumed the aura. id 39/41881536
  2. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Ahoy AIRTEC!

    Aura do not disappear on its own.

    You must have triggered a PvP action either by:
    - Attacking a guild island
    - Using Repair ammo on guild island
    - Using Homing Mine next to your fellow pirate Sentinel
    - Using Captain Manouver - area damage
    - Fighting with your opponent - losing - setting him "on fire - dot" and pressing Aura right after that


    According to your logbook you fought with a player activating the Aura 8 seconds later.

    You must have used a Red breach torpedo (Tempest I, Tempest II, Marauder, Heartbreaker, Toxic, Incineration Burn, Icy Grasp, Inferno) which caused DoT that can last up to 10 seconds.


    AIRTEC Regular

    hi rymar i knew you would give this as feedback but.. i was not in combat with player/npc had no breaches i was at side of map repairing also i was not burning none of the above u mentioned was in place my aura has a 1hr cooldown as it thinks im using it but it didnt work.
  4. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    Here is what happened:

    You finished an NPC which can be seen here:

    2024-02-10 12:25:19 You sank Gudai Submersible's ship.
    2024-02-10 12:25:42 You were sunk by jüяsέķ_CZ.

    Couple seconds later player decided to sink you - I am sure that you are using Incineration Burn Torpedo to cause more damage onto the Gudai Submersible mentioned above. Please note that these torpedo have a red breach - DoT. I doubt that you would "give up" and not hit the player back so you have caused DoT on player - set him on fire due to the Torpedo effect.

    Exactly after 8 seconds from being sunk you have used your Aura - please be aware that DoT (burning) effect last 10 seconds and counts as PvP action, therefore when you activated your Aura it simply appeared and disappeared at the same time:

    2024-02-10 12:25:50 1x Volatile Aura of Protection was/were removed. Reason: Used.
    2024-02-10 12:25:43 1x Emergency Repairs was/were removed. Reason: Your ship was repaired after being sunk..
    2024-02-10 12:
    25:42 You were sunk by <jüяsέķ_CZ.
    2024-02-10 12:25:19 You sank Gudai Submersible's ship.<- you finished an NPC

    Hope that answers your query.

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    AIRTEC Regular

    thank you rymar you are a fountain of knowledge i can see how it happened now and it wasnt a bug as i had thought you may close the thread
  6. Shelby1

    Shelby1 Board Administrator Team Seafight

    As requested by OP we shall now close.


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