Autotarget & debuff, again....

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by -Mr.Eyüp-, Jul 6, 2022.

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  1. -Mr.Eyüp-

    -Mr.Eyüp- Junior Expert

    It's time too see the developers come out say few words i think....Excatly, what does Bigpoint have focus on ,and that the cheating autotarget is something you really are trying get rid of, because for me it dont seems any change from the debuff was given until now beside a 2 weeks time out.

    This have been soon 2 years and same people who got the 14 day debuff , some even several times, they keep use it. i would really appricated hear what it's done for try stop it.

    No offend to you admin's now, all respect too all who try do an effort in this game at support, but....the answers from a chat admin / mod or support is'nt sufficient as they are just a regular player as my self.

    Our post get's sensur or removed, we get same automatically generated answer over and over aaaannndddd over " if you have suspicions of cheating or something is wrong in the game please contact support"

    I was both Chat admin & on support to answers these tickets many years ago, the names from support is something i reconice .... so i know very well how this system "work", those who sit answer my ticket are the same as me and rest us players who play seafight.

    So tell me dear board admin, how are we suposed get any answer there ? They cant do anything but pass foward things, as its "a system that remove the 3.program users but we can't tell u the end result of your complain."

    well ya dont need tell me the result, because i see the player's the week after and after that until a debuff is put, a debuff how ever who is only pick up the activity in the periode in the event....
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  2. Well said, but BP does not care. The game is slowly sinking and the bots just keep geting more sofisticated. The cheating players don't care. It just slows them down for a short time. I imagine the people who write these scripts will figure out how to disable the debuff shortly. Support and the admins admit they can't really do anything to stop bots. It is like game of put a debuff on one and another one pops up. Support and the Admins have nothing more to say either...what can they say that isn't a repeat of what has already been said....over and over aaaaannnndddd over? Oh well. I have already accepted that I am going to give up (again) on SF. Not another centavo will be spent. The bots control the game and all BP does is add new cannons, cannon slots, gem levels, and stupidly expensive packages
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  3. Swift

    Swift Community Team Team Seafight


    Action is being done in the background to combat these issues, but what is being done will not be announced. Why? Quite simply because anything that is said publicly the developers of these programs know too - and can work to counter/evade them before they have even been implemented.

    I am sorry you feel like nothing is happening, however I can assure you that is not the case. I would like to note that in your post you are saying that when the debuff is ran the for those it does catch it stops them for a period of time. I for one am glad that the players whom have been caught are being punished and shamed with the Gotcha icon.

    With that being said though, as you have stated yourself, Support is the place for reports of players, we here on the forum cannot investigate the issue.

    As this is not an in-game technical question at all, I will now close this thread.

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