Bastion Cannons

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  1. Seren

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    Bastion Cannons


    Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Shoot your enemies with any ammo you got, the Bastion cannon will heat up, and once it's good and ready, it will turn into your very own siege tower!

    Reload Time: 6.5 Seconds

    Cannon Range: 30

    Hit Probability: 75%

    Critical Hit Probability: 20%

    Critical Damage: 21%

    Elite Ammunition Bonus: 70%

    Elite Ammunition Bonus: 120

    Gaining Sentinel Points

    You can charge your Sentinel cannon by using elite ammunition, each elite cannonball which is used by the Bastion cannon charges it.

    While using Skull ammunition your Sentinel charges even faster.

    Note: The more Bastion cannons you equip the faster it will charge.

    Sentinel Button Blank.png

    How to activate the Sentinel

    Once you have 100% completion for Bastion Cannon points you can press the 'Place Sentinel' button and a Sentinel shall spawn on your location with your design.

    Sentinal Button.png

    Note: It is not possible to spawn more then 1 Sentinel per player.
    The Sentinel can´t be spawned on certain maps (like Safe Haven, Group maps, Bonus maps, minigame maps, Raid maps).

    Sentinel Information

    The Sentinel spawns with 500,000 HP on your location when you press the Place Sentinel button. It will appear with the same design you currently have equipped, does not move and has an area zone surrounding it.

    Should you sit in the area zone, any target you attack, the Sentinel will attack and it will have a chance match your damage (not every shot)! As an example, if you inflict 50,000 Damage, the Sentinel will could also inflict 50,000 Damage to your target - as long as you are sat inside the area zone!

    Note: The Sentinel needs ammunition to fire. The Sentinel will use the same ammunition and amount as you use. As an example, if you have 300 cannons equipped and shoot Explosive Ammunition, the Sentinel will also use 300 of your Explosive Ammunition while you are sat in the area zone.

    The Sentinel will despawn after 5 minutes - if it doesn't get sunk first! Plan your gameplay to take advantage of the Sentinel in the best situations!

    Note: If you activate your Sentinel and you will leave map / logout then your Sentinel will disappear, and you will have to start charging this buff once again. Your Sentinel can be shot down by other players with elite ammunition.

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