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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Madam_Pirate, Mar 26, 2020.

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  1. Madam_Pirate

    Madam_Pirate Forum Apprentice

    can you tell me what in the wide world of sports is the deal with the birthday cake event ship? havent seen it the entire event. im on all during the day and then change to night. if i can even find someone who has seen it and what hour then i do the math of 14 hours and still never see it. is it not shown on seamap when it spawns? do you have to have ever map covered to find it? cant you people make it where there is a chance for all to get in on it?
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    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    They are there and do spawn on schedule. As far as finding them, you would have to either be lucky and be in the announcement radius of 1 map when it spawns or get with some of your fellow pirates and search for it. That is all the advice we can offer.

  3. Madam_Pirate

    Madam_Pirate Forum Apprentice

    im sure i have to put this in the form of a question instead of showing how infuriated i am at the answer--so--does that not mean you have to cover all 45 maps just to have a chance at the birthday cake or like you say have enough players involved to help cover all 45 maps? i must say that is one great celebration you have set up there. isn't that like inviting a bunch of people over for a birthday party and tell half the quest they are not able to have any of the cake and it just happened to work out that way. they weren't lucky enough when they showed up for your celebration to get any. that is typical bigpoint separating more and more the haves and have nots. i've got 1 suggestion to give but i will refrain from that and offer a kinder one. instead of a cake that can't be found why don't you suggest for next year the 15th celebration to have smaller cakes spawn at the same time in all maps with the combined payoff being the same as the one present now. that way the haves can't hoard like you seem to think is ok and everyone would have a chance to celebrate.

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    If you would have really thought the suggestion I provided out, you would see that all maps could be covered by 9 people all sitting in different Safe Havens. Normally we do not offer any type of suggestion on "how to" specially events as we are here for to solve technical issues and answer general game play questions and not offer tactics. As far as the reasoning behind announcing it in only one map radius, I can only guess as that aspect is handled by the Design Team and we have no input, but when Admirals are announced in all maps there are just as many complaints about too many players in one map and extreme lag. So if you look at it from all angles it's a no win situation. There was a discussion on the Seafight.Official discord about the lag and a Designer was trying to explain about the reason behind lag but to be honest it was over my head. As far as your suggestion, please place that in the following discussion thread and we will happily pass it on with all the other commentary and suggestions.

    Of Salt and Rats

    If you feel that anything said here is improper, please contact support so that it can be looked into. We hope that the explanation of the suggestion is clearer and that you and your guild mates can maybe use it to your advantage.

  5. Madam_Pirate

    Madam_Pirate Forum Apprentice

    thank you for your explanation. i was just upset as i and others have problems with very few english speaking players in the pve server which is global europe 7 so even some who try to speak english really do not so it is more frustrating trying to get even 4 players who can help each other much less 9. i even left my guild to join one with nine islands currently but only 1 speaks any type of english. add to that the way it is set up the lag will always be there. keep in mind the plague diffusers are announced on all maps so the only part of the event that is restrictive is the one with the most celebration. it just does not make since to me but thank you again for trying to explain and help.

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    No worries. Happy to be of assistance. As this question has been answered:


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