Bidding in the Market Cove

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    Bidding in the Market Cove

    How much should I bid? There is no correct answer to this question. It is the greatest mystery of the High Seas. There are many many things you will need consider

    What server you play on. Some servers have more long-time players on it with vast amounts of Gold. There are also long-established Guilds with large amounts of Gold reserves. They can afford to give their members a lot of Gold to virtually guarantee a winning bid.

    Time of day, and number of players on line. Supply and demand... how many people want the item you want.

    Ideally you would want to be in a knowledgeable Guild, with experienced leaders who have your best interest at heart. They will want you to succeed, so they will suggest when, and how much, to bid.

    Some Guilds place "dummy bids". This is where they would place bid amounts until they have won the item. They then hook their player up with slightly more than that amount (they now have the advantage of knowing what that amount is). Then you all wait until the last minute, and then place a final bid, hopefully winning that item.

    The bid amounts do not stack. Each bid submitted is separate unto itself.

    To Bid in the Market Cove

    Find the Market Cove on your Toolbar on the back page. A drop-down menu will open. Click the "Elite Items" box, as seen, below

    Beside the item you wish to bid for type in the amount of Gold you want to bid and click on "Bid". Do not use any decimal points

    Please be advised that the market cove bid/purchase buttons are sensitive to clicks. If you place a bid and then think that did not go through and click again it is likely that you will get duplicate bids made.

    Please remember that when you place a bid in the market, your page does not get auto refreshed at the end of hour as such you will need to manually need to refresh it to see whether you are still keeping the lead. If you don't refresh the page on your end then you will not see an update when someone beats you on the item.

    To see if you have won an item that you have bid on, check the drop-down menu in your Logbook under the "Received" section

    Note: Always have an eye on the auctions ending time!

    Please be advised that you lose your Gold if you do not win the auction.
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