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  1. MiniMeanie

    MiniMeanie Padavan

    A couple of years ago a new server was created. This was a PVE server.

    Set sail on our all-new PvE server and get the chance to build up your ship and resources, to challenge the greatest monsters on the maps! The PvE server gives all captains protection from other players, with an option to engage in PvP combat if, and only if, both players have agreed. To celebrate this new server any pirates who join us there will get this exceptional bonus code to help you start your adventures.

    Now there is a new ingame currency which can only be earned in a PVP map. This should be removed from the PVE servers.

    It clearly stated in the announcement that players would only go PVP if both players agreed. The raid maps were PVE when the server started and for months afterword. After players had invested money in an account on this server the players were cheated by the company when these maps were changed to PVP. However as the only items that could be gained in there were also available on the PVE maps players reluctantly accepted this.

    However this is not the same with this new ingame currency. If on an "as advertised" PVE server, all ingame currency should be attainable via PVE play.

    I have cancelled my slashing blades, and will not be purchasing anything else in this game. I have prem for over 4 years. I have a ship which I reckon is one of the top 50 boats on the server. I've probably spent in the region of £1000 ( crazy I know) but I will be spending no more unless changes are made which force players to play PVP on a server which was advertised as PVE.

    Any before anyone chimes in about not being forced, you are technically correct. However, when my ship is no longer able to compete due to slower rate at which I can earn yulong and safanad coins it will be logged out forever.

    Bigpoint, you may not care about losing 1 player, but I fear you will lose a lot more.
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  2. minesleeper

    minesleeper Forum Apprentice

    Fine words but they won't be read by the devs/managers.
    Bot guilds cant farm BP on pve,so they changed it to pvp for raid maps.
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