Bingo! (Mini Game)

Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by Rymar, May 26, 2023.

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  1. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Bingo! (Mini Game)

    Ahoy Pirates!

    Here is our Bingo mini game!

    Date: 26/05/23 – 28/05/23

    • Calculate the equations next to the Bingo Sheet.
    • Cross out those numbers on the Bingo Sheet The remaining numbers will be your voucher code. You need to input the numbers by the line order.
    • Write it WITHOUT space, in capital or lower case.

    Try not to share the code once you find it!

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

    Your Seafight Team
  2. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Commander of the Forum

    How sweet it is! Thank you so much!:)
  3. *Sinister1*

    *Sinister1* Someday Author

    well said & ty too
  4. djt182

    djt182 Active Author

    hit the nail on the head
    many thanks
  5. *Dope*

    *Dope* Forum Greenhorn

    What line order? what is the format?
    b22i14n5 etc or 22b14i5n etc.or just numbers - 22145 etc. left to right 1 st. line left to right 1st. column top to bottom?

    HALIMAW Forum Greenhorn

    yeah, i have never played bingo. *Dope* has already asked my question, what is the format?
  7. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Commander of the Forum

    I had the same question. The answer is to go horizontally from left to right from the top row down to the final (fifth) horizontal row. Hope that helps!
  8. *Vizoro*

    *Vizoro* Forum Apprentice


  9. Bawdyn

    Bawdyn Forum Overlooker

  10. 8luckyjack8

    8luckyjack8 Exceptional Talent

  11. Christen-Kold

    Christen-Kold Forum Apprentice


    HALIMAW Forum Greenhorn

    cool, many thanks defiant!
  13. gure55

    gure55 Forum Apprentice

  14. Laura.V

    Laura.V Forum Apprentice


    HALIMAW Forum Greenhorn

    Aha! got it, finally! i was confused at first but then i started watching church bingo videos, and a light shined on me. LOL! but i must thank defiant for the encouragement.
  16. *Dope*

    *Dope* Forum Greenhorn

    I am having no luck with this
  17. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Commander of the Forum

    Without giving it away, you do the math puzzles on the right and mark out the answers from the 5 x 5 Bingo matrix. The numbers that are left are the code. Now how do you know the order? You take it like you would read it. Left to right first row, left to right second row, down to the fifth and final row. Jam that number string together and that's your voucher code. (I'm sorry that I may have seen your question too late - I was busy with work today).

    You are most welcome, mate. As I stated previously, I had to think about it myself. Row by row, column by column, etc.?
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  18. doom#of#hell#1

    doom#of#hell#1 Forum Apprentice

  19. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Since this Mini Game is over I shall close this thread.


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