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  1. Ɗяєɗɗєɗ

    Ɗяєɗɗєɗ Padavan

    Hello everyone.

    I thought after being on UK server for 7 months now it would be a good time to introduce myself.

    On the first day "back" on seafight "because i did play in previous years on another server" i ran into trouble trying to find a guild who could help me learn the the new features in the game. I spoke with a player named Bravo*PL to see if i could join his guild and his response was no your a noob. :confused:. So with this i began to build my ship with the intentions to show him that some "noobs" can actually become strong players with a little push in the right direction.

    The first guild i joined was [UK] where i had lots of help from a player named Crazy who told me what to have on my ship and what to buy etc. After being in UK guild for a while playing various events i began to notice my ship was getting stronger and i was making lots of friends. I found myself doing lots of diplomatic work for the guild such as sorting out no shoots and recruiting but i was not happy doing this because it began to slow down my progress for building up my ship as i was spending too much time chatting in ts and not enough farming.

    Whilst in UK guild they joined alliance with AZO. A few weeks later they had already created alot of war and us weaker players were finding it harder to build our ships so i left to join 185.

    185 is the most organised guild i have ever seen in the 9 years of playing seafight. They are very active like myself and friendly which i liked so i felt like i had made a good call joining them. Whilst in 185 i was only level 15 and i had no intention of levelling up because i could make good pearls in the baby raid. Outside of baby raid i felt like i was a big target for the enemies of 185 as i was a small ship at the time so i did get sunk alot. I later learned that a new guild had opened named Doom which was a farming guild and they had an island in map 14.2. Some of my friends had gone to that guild so i decided to join them with the intention to save ammo during an event so i could build my ship up faster.

    Doom was great in the beginning my pearls were going up and up and then bam! They were at war with 185. This was bad news for me as i did not want to fight 185 and i did not want to fight doom and i left to start my own guild with the intentions of having no shoots with most of the server and helping new players progress.

    My guild freedom fighters was a big success, we had trust worthy councils, no shoots were in place with most of the server and had a lot of active members. We were all working together to build up our ships whilst the war continued with 185 and doom. 185 destroyed doom guild and some of my friend in that guild asked me to join freedom fighters as they did not want to fight. After doing some diplo work to make sure the players would not bring war to my guild they were accepted. A few days later i was approached by Bravo. He told me to kick out a player named Muffin_Man otherwise he would declare war on my guild. I spoke with my members and we agreed we cannot let someone else dictate what we can and cannot do with the guild so we stood our ground and accepted war with [Z&K]. The strongest players fought with bravo and PLR and other guilds for 2 days strait so the smaller players could farm to build their ships. When Bravo was alone he would not fight with us until his alliance members logged in once again. Whilst the war was going on my members were getting upset because the player we defended "Muffin_Man" was not helping to fight at all instead he insulted us all in ts and joined Q.Q. who helped bravo to sink us.

    At this point we all felt very betrayed. The player we tried to defend turned on us and made our guild crumble. One of my strong members left and got nap with bravo and i learned that bravo just wanted to sink me but would chain sink all the members until when i was not online. With this in mind i decided to payout all the gold to the members in the guild and disband freedom fighters so the players could farm in piece. After the guild was deleted i managed to sort problems out with bravo and explained to him that if i had kicked out 1 member because another guild told me to..what would the other members think of me as a leader.

    The players from freedom fighters made a new guild called NAP and joined bravo in alliance i joined them also unguilded. Whilst being in an alliance with bravo i did not like that he was fighting with BA. So i left to joined back to 185 as i told them i would rejoin 185 if my guild did not work out.

    I have been back in 185 for about 2 months now and i am happier than ever. My ship has come along way in 7 months, it is now full skills, full castles, almost full gems and almost full level 4 doom hammers. I'm going to cut this essay short now as yet again there is another event on and i have lost out on about 300k pearls whilst writing essay!

    I guess the moral of this story is, be nice to people you meet else it could come back to haunt you one day just like it has done to bravo.

    You sank pszczółkożuczek's ship. (bravo)

    Updated with video of me sinking him :)

    - Blitzen
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  2. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Very nice Blitzen. Great to know a bit more about you and your history on Seafight. Glad you're liking the Guild so far, lets hope it stays that way :)

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  3. Ɗяєɗɗєɗ

    Ɗяєɗɗєɗ Padavan

    Thank you Arky!

    I have edited to include a video of me sinking bravo, Enjoy <3

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