Bokor's Chalice

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  1. Seren

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    Bokor's Chalice
    Bokor's Chalice is a Lottery drawing held each month by Seafight. It is your chance to win fantastic prizes.

    Shown below is a typical example of what the Bokor's Chalice is all about.

    The main prizes will be automatically booked to players’ accounts after the event has ended

    How to Purchase

    1. Scroll over the "Market Cove" area.

    2. Click the "Subscriptions" box in the drop-down menu.

    3. On the next screen, click on the "Return to shop" text.


    return to shop.png

    4. Click the arrow on the right hand side of the selections menu. When you get to the section marked "Bokor's Crates", click on the text.


    5. You will see that there are three different sized packages from which you can choose. There is no limit as to how many packages you may buy.

    6. Once you have purchased your crates, you will now be able to throw them into the Chalice.

    7. Scroll over the "Tavern" section, and click on the "Bokor's Chalice" box in the drop-down menu.

    bokor's crate.png

    8. You will now be at the Bokor's Chalice screen. On the left you will see "Acquired Voodoo Crates". This shows you how many Crates you have, in total.

    aquire crates.png

    9. Underneath the heading, "Open Voodoo Crate", near the center of the screen, you will see a bar down below. When you scroll on that bar, a drop -down menu will appear. It will contain a list of numbers. This is how many Crates you may select at one time to throw into the Chalice. Select an amount you wish to throw in, and then click the bar.

    10. Click on the "Open" button. This will throw the Crates into the Chalice.

    11. Next, look under the area labeled "Prizes received'. You will see a list of instant prizes you have won.

    The actual items will be found under your Toolbar on the Sea Chart.

    Along with the instant prizes received, there is also a small chance that you can gain:

    - 1x Taurus Bonus Map
    - 1x Aquarius Bonus Map
    - 1x Sagittarius Bonus Map

    Every Bonus Map is bound to 1 month Premium. This means, that for every dropped present or every dropped Bonus Map, you will also receive one month of Premium (always one Bonus Map + 1 month Premium).

    By throwing the Crates into the Chalice, ensures, you are now officially entered into the monthly Grand Prize Drawing. Good Luck!

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