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    Bonus Maps

    By throwing your Flasks of Mojo into the Cauldron of Aruba, along with other rewards you could receive a part of a Bonus Map
    Once you have collected all of the parts, you will receive that specific Map
    There are four Maps which can be obtained from the Cauldron of Aruba:
    Virgo, Capricornus, Sagittarius, and Cancer.
    Additionally, seven other Maps are available for purchase at different times of the year. These are the
    Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra, Leo, Taurus and Pisces.
    There are also in-game Maps such as the
    Pumpkin, Snowflake,
    and the Winter Map.
    There's also one more Map which can be obtained as a possible reward from monthly Cauldron of Saba Lottery -

    Maps contain NPC Ships. The goal is to shoot and sink all of the Ships. Each group of these Ships is called a "wave". Different maps contain different numbers of waves. Players are rewarded with Pearls, Agwe Armor Plates, Harpoons, and EP, for each wave of a Map that they complete. In addition, players will receive a special reward for finishing the entire Map.
    When you click on the picture of the Cauldron

    A small menu will open on the Sea Chart

    Clicking on a Map icon in this menu will transfer you to that Map. A 15 second countdown will begin, at the end of which you will be teleported to that Map
    3 (1).png
    It is important to note that during this countdown you must not:
    • Move your ship. Doing so will automatically cancel your Map transfer
    • Shoot a Ship, Monster, or another player. This will also cancel your transfer
    • Be attacked by anything in the game. This, too, will cancel your transfer
    You may leave a Map at any time, simply by clicking the "Leave bonus map" tab at the top of your screen. A 15 second countdown will begin, after which you will be teleported back to the Sea Chart Map you originally left from. You may also use the logout function to leave the Map.



    Your progress in the Bonus Map will be saved and you can continue from where you left off the next time you enter
    Whichever option you choose, the same three rules for entering into a Map, above, also apply when leaving a Map
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