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  1. Esmeralda♥Pearl

    Esmeralda♥Pearl Forum Apprentice

    Hello, new player here, only going to play PvE on the pve server. I'm just looking to know what cannon i should go when looking at my options. Gold not being a problem. And i'm not sure i understand all those stats so that why i'm here.

    1: Do i understand this properly? Gold ammunition bonus mean more damage with gold ammo wich would be ammo that cost gold? And elite for elite?

    2:If i want to use Hollow Ammunition, should i make myself a full load of admiral cannon or the other cannon are more worth thanks to the crit stats? (My other options being, lv 1 & 3 of 60pounds, worldbreaker, voodoo with priest (more on that later).

    3:Should i make all the worldbreaker cannon i can afford even if they stay at lv 0 for now?

    4:I got free voodoo cannon from quest, i have lv 3 priest and lv 1. Does their stats stacks and should i get a lv 2 priest too or not? Does even the priest voodoo effect stack between each other so if i get a lv 2 priest does i get more regen even if i have a lv 3?
  2. õWler

    õWler Someday Author

    The best cannon now is Worldbreaker , Painbringer , Bastion cannon,
    try do season task for coin n collect as much worldbreaker for now
  3. Esmeralda♥Pearl

    Esmeralda♥Pearl Forum Apprentice

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