Cauldron of Aruba

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    Cauldron of Aruba
    At the Cauldron of Aruba (location in the Safe Haven), you throw your Flasks of Mojo into the Cauldron. The Cauldron then creates Items from these Flasks.

    Opening the Cauldron of Aruba:

    The Cauldron of Aruba can be found by opening the Cauldron when in the Safe Haven. This can be done in two ways; the first way is by clicking the Safe Haven icon and then selecting the Cauldron from the drop-down menu.


    The second way is by clicking Nadira Boro's icon when in the Safe Haven.


    A window shall open, which shows the Cauldron of Aruba and the Cauldron of Saba. At the top of the window two tabs are displayed, Making sure you are clicked on the first tab.

    Cauldron of Aruba:

    The image below is the default image that will open when you have opened the Cauldron of Aruba.


    In the lower left-hand corner you will be able to see how many Mojo Flasks you have. Mojo Flasks are the currency which is used in the Cauldron of Aruba - to be able to receive and win prizes you will need to have some Mojo Flasks.
    Mojo Flasks can be earned through picking up the shineys on the water on all maps.


    To the right of the Mojo Flasks you can see a drop-down menu with different number options. Changing the selection of this number determines how many Mojo Flasks you will throw into the Cauldron of Aruba each time.
    As an example, if 1 is selected you will throw 1 Mojo Flask into the Cauldron of Aruba and receive a reward for 1 Mojo Flask. If 100 is selected you will throw 100 Mojo Flasks into the Cauldron of Aruba and earn the rewards for 100 Mojo Flasks.

    Instant Rewards:

    For each Mojo Flask you throw into the Cauldron of Aruba you will receive an Instant Reward. Various Instant Rewards are available, including varying types and values of Ammunition, Crew Members, Bonus Maps, Action Items and more!

    You can see a list of the possible Instant Rewards below:

    • Scroll Parts
    • Explosive Cannonballs
    • Flare Ammunition
    • Repair Ammunition
    • Flintlocks
    • Boarding Axe
    • Chainmail Shirts
    • Steel Harpoons
    • Additional Flasks of Mojo
    • Black Gunpowder
    • Armor Plates
    • Hailstorms
    • Voodoo Decks
    • Teleportation
    • Emergency Repairs
    Please be aware that the rewards shown in the image below are just an example and may differ than the potential instant rewards in-game.


    Once you have pressed the "Start the ritual" button to throw your Mojo Flasks into the Cauldron of Aruba, any rewards you earn will be shown in the "Loot" box.
    Please be aware that with each throw, any items you are rewarded with of the same type are grouped together.

    This means that for example if you were to receive 5,000 Heartbreaker ammunition two times in one throw, it would show in the Loot box as 10,000 Heartbreaker.
    This also applies when different values of the same item are earned, so for example if you win 5,000 Heartbreaker twice and 3,500 Heartbreaker in the same throw, it will appear as 13,500 Heartbreaker in the Loot box.


    You can clear the Loot box so that your rewards for your last throw or throws are not shown by pressing the red "Clear list" button in the bottom right of the screen, or alternatively, closing and reopening the Cauldron of Aruba.

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