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    How Does the Chat Function Work?
    The chat now has 2 permanent chat rooms, Global, and Guild Search.


    To Make Your Chat Box Larger
    Click on the bottom right of the Chat Box, and drag the corner until you have the size desired.


    If You Type /help
    In the Chat Window you will see the commands that can be used.


    The chat commands must always include an empty space. Ex. /w (Space) Elvis (Space) Hi Elvis, do you wish to help me with my pirate test?


    /help - to get a list of commands

    /create <roomname> - Create a chat room

    /close - Close the chat room

    /leave - Leave room

    /invite <user> - Invite a user into the current chat room

    /w <user> - Whisper something to a user Remember to put their server number before their name e.g /w 39/<username>

    /ignore <user> - Ignore a user

    /allow <user> - Allow ignored users to chat again

    /users - Put all users in the current chat room in a list

    To Create a Room
    Enter /create (Space) Hello – Now you have created the room Hello.


    Invite Others to Your Room:
    Once you have created the Chat Room, you can invite other players by using /invite (Space) Prescilla. Now Prescilla will be invited to join you in your Chat Room.

    Note that the Users Name needs to be exactly as appears in the chat. You may want to do /users to get a list of all players currently in the chat, then copy and paste the name from that list.


    To Close the Chat Room
    Type /close into the Chat Window. All players who are still in your Chat Room will be removed. Global Chat and Guild Search cannot be closed. Your Guild your guild chat can not be removed. Chat can be removed, but after refreshing the Sea Chart (F5/Map), this will return.


    To Send a Personal Message to Another Player
    Type /w (Space) (ServerID)/Username (Space) {YOUR TEXT}

    The player can then answer you in the same way. If they do not use the whisper function, their answer will be displayed in Global Chat. For long conversations, it is easier to open a new Chat Room. You can also click on any player in Global Chat. This will enter the command to whisper, and you can type your private message to them.

    You can turn your chat on and off by clicking on the Chat Bubble. It is found at the top left hand corner of your Sea Chart.

    1 0.png
    Always remember: Follow the Rules.

    Chat Rules

    Forbidden Content:
    Profane Language - No acronym or slang terms

    Bigpoint or Seafight Flaming/Bashing

    Pornographic Images

    Violent Images

    Racist Images

    Politically - Motivating Images

    No Advertisements

    Outside Websites

    Email Addresses

    Personal Information

    No video links

    Posting six lines in a row

    Chat Ban Date Format

    Date formats are a fickle thing, and are used in different ways, in different countries for different applications. Although Seafight has players from all throughout the world playing, we only have one type of date format that is shown if you are chat banned. It will appear as DD/MM/YYYY.

    o example of 8th of March, 2013 would appear as 08/03/2013

    The message that will appear in the chat will let you know the day your chat ban is due to end.

    Please do not mistake the format as MM/DD/YYYY, as this will lead to you thinking that you might have been banned for months, where it is more than likely that your ban might only last hours, days or weeks, depending on the severity of your offense.

    We hope that you never see this message appear on your chat. It is quite simple to avoid being banned, simply adhere to the Chat Guidelines and enjoy the game!
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