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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Chat Guidelines

    While the Bigpoint Terms and Conditions refer to the basic rules and guidelines of the game, there are other rules we enforce due to situations that have occurred over the years.

    Please take a moment to review the Chat Guidelines.

    To keep the Seafight chat a nice place to talk to your fellow players, the following things are not permitted.

    Any offending account will be punished with a chat penalty. Further incidents may lead to a permanent account shutdown. Our penalty system is based on increasing the severity of penalization regarding further infractions, and therefore the account bans will stack.

    Please be aware that communication in the Bigpoint chat rooms is not private – this includes communication via whisper-chats.


    The following guidelines cover behavior that we deem unacceptable. The Seafight team reserves the right to take action for offensive behaviour not mentioned in this thread

    Minor Violations:

    Non “native" language

    Using inappropriate language


    General harassment

    Defaming another player

    Serious Violations:

    Using obscene or vulgar language

    Referencing illegal activities or drugs

    Advertising third-party companies, software, websites, or services

    Severe Violations:

    Threatening someone with real-life violence or harm

    Distributing someone’s real-life information. (name, address, phone number, etc...)

    Referencing sexual or violent acts

    Promoting or alluding to racial, political, ethnic, or national hatred

    Insulting or negatively portraying someone based on their religion or sexual orientation

    Account Violations:

    Account Sharing (Sharing own account or asking for a spare account)

    Account Scam

    Account Buying/Selling/Trading

    Account Pushing

    Moderator Violations:

    Moderator Disrespect

    Moderator Privacy

    Moderator Impersonating

    Moderator Threat

    Chat Language

    The chat language depends on the used channel or game language. Please communicate in the language of the chat room.

    Real-Life Information and Threats

    Our players’ safety is one of our highest priorities. We will not tolerate real-life threats or distribution of personal information in our games. We apply severe penalties when a real-life threat is made and we may also engage local law enforcement to ensure the safety of all parties involved.


    The sharing of non-commercial TeamSpeak IP’s is allowed in order to group up and play together in Seafight

    Underage persons and their parents

    We're glad that you like to play Seafight and chat with other players, but be aware of any strangers. Should a stranger contact you and ask for any personal /private details, please contact a moderator, Bigpoint Customer Service, or your parents, immediately.

    Foul Language Filter

    The Seafight chat has an integrated foul language filter. Any attempt to avoid this safety system will lead to an account ban without any further warning.

    The use of the word Bot

    If you are implying that another player is using a Bot directly, or indirectly, that is considered an insult. This will be treated like any other insult, which will end in a ban.

    Flaming and Trolling.

    Flaming is saying mean things online to deliberately hurt someone else. Flaming often takes the form of personal attacks (rather than criticizing a person's ideas, criticizing the person instead.) A Flame War is when people get into an argument online and send mean, nasty, or humiliating messages back and forth.

    Trolling is the act of leaving an insulting message on the internet in order to annoy someone.

    Got a raw deal?

    If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, please do not discuss your ban in the chat room. Contact our Customer Service team, or use the chat section of the forum who will then review the case.

    When inquiring about your Chat Ban, To make it more efficient for the Team to research your ban please provide the following information:

    1) Server you were banned from, IE GB1, US1 ect

    2) Your User ID IE: 37156333

    3) What chat were you in? IE: Global, Guild Chat

    4) Brief description of what your issue is
    Your User ID can found on your back page. Please also note that this section of the forum is for chat ban related queries only.


    If your account has been penalized with a “Long-Term-Ban”, you can contact Customer Service. By making a formal detailed apology, you can request an overturning of the decision.

    Offensive Boat Names:

    Players are not allowed to use names that are offensive to other players within the game. You will be issued with session bans for all names deemed offensive.

    All players are encouraged to contact Support should they encounter an offensive boat name.

    Boats Which Cannot Be Spied:

    Boat names are not to contain spaces, and lines, or any other type of content that renders the boat incapable of spying. This may also result in a session ban.

    All players are also encouraged to contact Support regarding boat names which cannot be spied.
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  2. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Due to some of the offensive and outlandish behaviour on chat, as of the 28th January at 00.01 the time of suspension from chat will be increased. Please be aware that it is very likely that you will receive a seven day chat ban as to the two day chat ban you all have been accustomed to.


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