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    Chat Rules

    General Chat Rules

    Our chat systems were originally developed to provide our users with a communications platform, so we ask that you keep in mind that you are, in fact, chatting with another human being: Please always be respectful and friendly with one another.

    Seafight is recommended for players 13 years of age and older. We ask that you take this into account, as well as the remaining chat rules to follow.

    Chat Language

    The chat language is the language you selected when you logged in. Therefore, if you selected English when you logged in, then you should chat in English.

    If you would like to chat in another language, please do not do so in one of the main chat functions; rather, open a private chat and invite the friends you’d like join.

    To create a private chat:

    /create Room name – to open a chat room
    /invite User name – to invite a specific user

    To Minors and Their Parents

    We’re really pleased that you like our games and that you like to maintain contact with other players via our chat function. Should it ever be the case that someone is sending you messages that make you feel uncomfortable or are against the rules stated below, please contact the chat moderators as soon as possible, your parents or game support. Do not send pictures of yourself to anyone and always be prudent about what information you share with strangers.

    Personal Information

    For your safety, it is strictly forbidden to share personal information about yourself or any other player in chat. The same applies when you are in private chat rooms. By private information, we mean: real name, age, address, e-mail address, messenger address, telephone number or which school you go to. You are also not allowed to ask anyone else to reveal this information about themselves.

    You should also never make plans to meet someone in person that you’ve met in chat – better safe than sorry.

    Player IDs can be posted once; however, posting BIG IDs to ask for or promise in-game currency will get you banned from chat.

    TeamSpeak server information can be shared in chat in exceptional cases, given that you’ve discussed it with the appropriate CM beforehand.

    Chat Disruptions

    Messages that are intentionally or unintentionally disruptive to other players in the main chat are strictly forbidden.

    The following are considered to be chat disruptions:

    • Empty rows or an inordinate amount of empty spaces between text
    • accusations made against another player or the use of the term bots or botter
    • Sending the same or almost the same message over and over again
    • Writing every word in a sentence in a new row
    • Writing in ALL CAPS
    • Sending gibberish messages/a string of unrelated letters, ex: dleojhfh
    • Messages that are particularly difficult for others to read:
      • Interchanging uPpEr AnD lOwEr case letters
      • Sentences without spaces between words
      • Sentences completely with or with far too much capitalization
      • Using leet speak, ex: “1337”
    Searching in Chat

    We understand that the chat is a wonderful tool for founding a guild, recruiting new guild members, or searching for friends. However, searching for other players in the main chat can be annoying to other users. Therefore, we ask that you avoid sending messages like, “Looking for team,” or “Looking for a guild.” We have set up special chat features, similar to those in the forum, where players can look for a guild, guild members, etc.

    Spam and advertisements

    Messages or spam that obviously or subversively advertises goods or services are a nuisance to the chat feature and are therefore strictly forbidden.

    This includes:

    • Advertising websites in chat
    • Offers to sell, exchange or auction off items, as well as searching for items
    • Account fraud, ex: “Acc. exchange, log on to ICQ …” This will lead to an immediate chat ban, followed by account suspension
    • Sending chain letters or calling players to boycott or vote for something
    • Posting account statistics (EP, Honor Points, kill shots, ranking)
    Offensive Content

    Please always be mindful that there are children and adolescents logged into chat; therefore, insults and provocative statements will not be tolerated from players or guilds. The same is true for chat rooms, as well as for whisper mode. Breaking any of these rules could result in a temporary or permanent chat ban or to legal actions in extreme cases.

    The following is, in no uncertain terms, forbidden:

    • Vulgar language, sexually explicit means of communication, including corresponding abbreviations or symbols
    • Describing sexual acts
    • Defamation, racist or political propaganda, as well as any other illegal content
    • Discriminatory statements about any religion, minorities, physically or mentally handicapped individuals, socially underprivileged groups or any other group of people
    • Links to pornographic, obscene, extreme right-wing or racist websites
    • Threats, harassment, slander and insults of any kind
    Hate-speak, Trolling and Unlawful Content

    Messages that are unlawful or could lead to legal actions being pursued are forbidden. Directly or indirectly insulting, badmouthing or denouncing other players will not be tolerated.
    This includes:

    • Insults
    • Badmouthing
    • Denouncing other players, even if it’s implied and not directly said.
    • Messages that are meant to anger, annoy or provoke other player (“trolling”)
    • Glorifying or instigating violence or drug-use
    • Explaining how to get around copyright protection of any kind
    • Statements referencing illegal software, music, videos, key codes, etc.
    • Statements about using forbidden tools (bots, macros) and cheats fort hat or any other games
    Warning: Copying such messages in chat will also lead to an immediate ban.

    Bypassing chat bans or suspensions

    Using another account to bypass a chat ban is strictly prohibited as this is a breach of terms & conditions.

    Respect Your Moderators

    Chat moderators are there to make sure that the chat rules are upheld and that the function serves its purpose. We ask that you respect these players for the services that they provide.

    Moderators are not paid and do not enjoy any perks or advantages. It is prohibited to reveal moderators’ personal information, nor is it allowed to reveal their player name, user name, chat name or guild name.

    Refrain from having any type of discussion about the chat mods’ activity and make sure you adhere to the chat rules. This is the only way chat mods can take the time to help and not have to refer to the forum for lack of time.

    Breaking Chat Rules

    Whoever does not adhere to the rules listed above can be temporarily banned from chat. You may or may not be forewarned about being banned from chat and blocked from the game.

    Repeated bans will result in permanent loss of chat.

    Please be aware that our Chat S Moderators regularly review the bans of players. Repeat offenders will receive updated bans that are longer, and more adequately reflect their constant abuse of the above chat rules.
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