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    Contact Customer Care
    If you are experiencing game, account, or payment problems, you can contact the Customer Care Team

    At the bottom of your back pages (the pages other than the Sea Chart), you will find the word "Support". This is located in the lower right corner of your pages, in fine print. Click on this word.
    Your contact form will then appear
    Select the type of problem/issue from the drop-down box, so it is forwarded to the correct team
    If you have a question about a payment, please select the menu entry "Payment Problem". Your request will be processed by our Payment Support Team


    You email address should automatically be placed here for you. Ensure that it is the correct email


    Give a detailed explanation as to what the problem is. You may want to include information from your Logbook


    Please enter the characters that are shown in the code box. This security code stops external programs from automatically sending mass e-mail requests.

    Click "Send".

    5 send.png

    After you have sent it, you will receive a "Your inquiry was sent" pop-up window

    6 message sent.png

    Go to your non-game, personal email account. You will see the automatically generated reply. You will find your ticket number from our Customer Care Team on it. This is to inform you that they have received your query.

    They will then investigate your problem/issue, and email you back as soon as possible

    Please do not send multiple tickets. This will only slow the process of solving your problem.
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