Daily /Monthly Log-in Bonus

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  1. Seren

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    Daily/Monthly Log-in Bonus

    You can access the Daily/Monthly Log-in Prize Calendar in 2 ways

    The first is by entering into the Sea Chart each day, this screen shown below will appear
    Click the green "Claim" "button" to receive your Daily Bonus
    Once your bonus has been claimed your "Claim" "button" will turn grey
    The green ticks in the top left corner of your prize boxes indicate that your prize has been successfully claimed
    The other boxes show what prizes to expect in the coming days
    The box above the claim button contains additional prizes for your Monthly Log-in Bonus
    Above these prizes, you will see how many more log-ins it will be before you can claim them
    The second way you can also bring up the Prize Calendar is by going to the Star icon, and clicking the Wrapped Gift icon in the drop-down menu

    While using our game client you get +50% more rewards for your daily login bonus!

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