Feedback Debuff for Bot Using

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seren, Jul 20, 2021.

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  1. ·єviłωαყѕ·

    ·єviłωαყѕ· Exceptional Talent

    I think for 3 days the less damage buff taken is not for PVE de-buff it's probably a PVP de-buff more damage taken pvp and dealt, so for 3 days they only shoot PVE npc's slower to funny then back to same old same oh with the exploits.
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  2. Esmeralda♥Pearl

    Esmeralda♥Pearl Junior Expert

    The debuff stated has this:

    -80% Cannon Damage
    -100% Damage Prevention
    -80% Elite ammunition bonus
    -80% Damage vs Players
    -95% Speed

    Why not PVE since its "cannon damage" AND "Damage vs player"? Also damage prevention reduction shouldn't just affect PVP and they don't take more damage for the one i seen.
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  3. Swift

    Swift Board Administrator Team Seafight


    The amount of damage that will be received depends on the amount of Damage Prevention they began with, and of course the damage of the NPC. I have tested this buff and can confirm it is working as designed; the NPC that is shooting them plays a large part, e.g. an NPC in 50/1 will inflict a huge amount of damage while an NPC in map 5/1 might inflict a few hundred or even miss.

    Cannon Damage is just one part of the damage calculation too, their damage will be lower, but of course how hard they hit depends on how hard the boat is before this debuff is applied. Also, please remember that if you are referring to an event ship, using the Event ammo grants on the majority of events 200-300% cannon damage.

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  4. Esmeralda♥Pearl

    Esmeralda♥Pearl Junior Expert

    Then the debuff is useless because its was against event npc raven. If after a debuff like that they still shoot 300k on them and take scratch damage the only thing that really usefull is the speed reduced. . . .

    Why not just put them a debuff of -80% reward so anything they do will be pointless for the time of the debuff and remove the debuff over time, because yes, some people play a long time and get that debuff without being bots
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  5. ·єviłωαყѕ·

    ·єviłωαყѕ· Exceptional Talent

    It is on all but like PVP other players hit way harder than npc's and in 46-50 npc's would do lots of damage to them why for 3 days want be fighting or in upper maps like I said and then right back to doing it again, lower map npc's do very little damage period.
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  6. Jumbo76

    Jumbo76 Forum Apprentice

    Increase everything, this is not enough.

    -80% Cannon Damage -> -300% Cannon Damage
    -100% Damage Prevention -> -300% Damage Prevention
    -80% Elite ammunition bonus -> -200% Elite ammunition bonus
    -80% Damage vs Players -> -300% Damage vs Players
    -95% Speed -> -99% Speed
    +20 Reload Speed
    +100 Negative Effect from ammunition
    -100% EXP and ELP
    -95% Pearls, Crowns, Yulong Coin, Safanad Coin
    +30 Day Debuff

    Run the script once a week. BOOM will stop bots in short order.
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  7. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    Now you're talking matey! Hammer these cheaters! ;)
  8. The*Defiant

    The*Defiant Forum Ambassador

    In this Event in particular, I have been having several days where it takes me quite awhile to find just 3 Event treasure chests for the Quest! The bots are eating them up, and it is frustrating!
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  9. Esmeralda♥Pearl

    Esmeralda♥Pearl Junior Expert

    i see big ship in low map farming npc all day i suspected to be botter, they got debuff, they still can do it shooting high damage and taking nothing from event npc. They still farming like before and npc going fast enough to just go on them. Apart from the speed its change nothing on three day that simple to understand. PERIOD.
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  10. ·єviłωαყѕ·

    ·єviłωαყѕ· Exceptional Talent

    I don’t know I come to low maps as part of the season stuff you have to kill a certain number of npc’s and monsters in that region I would guess some of them doing the same I couldn’t tell you that but all I know lower npc’s do little damage and can be sunk in a couple of shots. Other than season see no reason to go into lower maps. Many also harp monsters there for a quest line in higher maps to get at 100% to teleport to another map for quest. But the ones with de-buff I haven’t seen any in upper maps moving and shooting slow so I don’t know what kind of damage they are doing.
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  11. Esmeralda♥Pearl

    Esmeralda♥Pearl Junior Expert

    Well one of them was doing 300k on event npc, farming raven like before the debuff its the same than my damage without debuff, so yeah he bot all day and for three day he gonna waht? change his farmway ? the debuf clearly not enough . . . that all i'm saying. they even tp on odin position and farm them anyway cause other will tank it anyway.
  12. Captain|KoUrAmPiEs

    Captain|KoUrAmPiEs Forum Greenhorn

    When you have a game with literally no cheating policy since the beginning it's kinda difficult to do something about it in the current state of the game (which is pull the plug without notice). When there are ships fully loaded from cannons castles talents etc etc what's the point of "debuffing" them right now? First of all the "debuff" will not be applied to all botters (we all know BP :) ) and if there was a chance to "debuff" all of them at once , still it doesn't matter . They are going to farm everything and everyone at this point . These are problems from years and years ago . Ban them or leave it as is . At least you help programmers test their skills :D:D:D . That's something.
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  13. kekwkekw

    kekwkekw Forum Apprentice

    Yes i can confirm that because i knew some of the people that using that program called "SFCollector" ive tried to change their mind talking to them but it didnt worked. So i left their ts3 server. I found this behavior pathetic nonetheless. I mean if you re not having fun playing a game (like they are even playing it...) just dont play it so.. I actually offered their account names and IDs to support if they can check their accounts for bot use and punish accordingly, i swear suppord DID NOT even answered. So im not working on a conspiracy theory; it i obvious that management doesnt care, support doesnt care and sadly even other players dont care. Im sure 2-3 mod account can check every single map in one day and kick all of them forever but to whom im talking to right? yoou guys are probably cheating too and i am the only idiot insists on honor and dignity
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  14. Andy94

    Andy94 Forum Apprentice

  15. *ROKKA*tm.

    *ROKKA*tm. Forum Greenhorn

    hey, are we looking at it from a slightly different angle ?.
    those who have received a 3-day ban, one of them could simply sue for this company’s activity, suffice it to say a few accounts that did not receive a 3-day ban and can be found yes.
    I am trying to say that giving these bans only part of it is against the law to see if these bans have become information to us players well in advance, etc.
    so I'm not trying to defend users of banning programs, this message is for the company and I'm waiting for a response, I'm not deleting the message.
    English is not my language, I hope you understand what I want to say :)!
  16. Navio*Alto*Em*Transi

    Navio*Alto*Em*Transi Forum Apprentice

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  17. ☠FIREBALL☠

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Active Author

    Delete not ban every now and again they do a token bot hunt just to keep you muppets hoping / spending.
  18. ·єviłωαყѕ·

    ·єviłωαყѕ· Exceptional Talent

    1 of reason I don't use TS or Discord all the pokes and whispers from people that using programs all they are is place to meet and help each other with their garbage.
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  19. rogerderascal

    rogerderascal Forum Apprentice

    At least you help programmers test their skills - test their skills - I think theyshould go through a training course to hone their skills!
  20. -pysa-*

    -pysa-* Junior Expert

    So far I have seen 1 player with this debuff

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