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    The wide Crown on the left signifies that the King's Legacy is on your Ship.

    The thin crown on the right signifies the Queen's Legacy is active.

    The top two skulls represent the Ivory Deck and Ebony Deck.

    The skull at the bottom represents the Jolly Roger Legacy.

    The bones represent the Voodoo Deck is present.

    The Number tells you how many Weapon Slots you have in total.

    Where to Find
    1. Scroll over the "Ship Overview" icon


    2. Click on the "Ship Overview" button in the drop-down menu


    3. On the next screen, click on the "Booster" button. All of your Decks, Buffs, etc., will be displayed there


    Deck Types

    Voodoo Deck

    The Voodoo Deck can be received from certain Bonus Maps, won from the Cauldron of Aruba, and received as part of special Payment Packs.
    voodoo deck.png
    Kings Legacy

    The King's Legacy can be purchased in the Black Market during certain Events, won as part of the Cauldron of Saba's Lottery Drawing, and is contained in certain Payment Packs.

    kings legacy.png
    Queens Legacy

    The Queen's Legacy can be received from certain Bonus Maps, can be purchased in the Black Market during certain Events, collected from Treasure Chests and is a part of certain special Payment Packs.
    queens legacy.png
    Jolly Roger Legacy

    The Jolly Roger's Legacy is only available during Jolly Roger Events. It is contained within special Payment Packs.

    jolly roger.png
    Ivory Deck

    The latest technology meets ancient tradition. A successful co-operation between our shipbuilders and voodoo priests. The finest materials and high-quality craftsmanship make room for 10 cannon slots and 10 expansion slots!

    ivory deck.png
    Ebony Deck

    Enjoy the efficient features of the Ebony deck, a masterpiece of design. Hewn from precious wood, it enhances your ship with 10 weapons slots and 10 expansion slots!
    ebony deck.png
    Special feature:

    The Ebony deck lasts for at least three months. You can simply extend its lifespan by purchasing more of these packs!

    If you have Premium status, the deck can be protected throughout the duration of your membership.
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