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  1. *Ronaldeninge*

    *Ronaldeninge* Forum Greenhorn


    Nice all the events but solve first the big bot problem.
    i think this is the biggest problem in the game.

    Manny players shoot on their own but it doesn't matter how long you play they have more and better stuff than us.

    This is always be a problem but now it is getting worse.
    you can not shoot a admiral or npc without them.
    It looks like formule 1 they sprinting to the event for excample.

    Same as ranking event the points you know that the top is bot.

    Delete them of the game so the real players can play with fun again.

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  2. Loki162

    Loki162 Padavan

    the only way to get bp to do something about the bots is to stop spending money and to stop participating in the events you are not going to beat the bots and cheats anyway

    DAGGERS Forum Apprentice

    should name this game bot fight not seafight game joke amount them
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