Ex or Currently serving military members/players.

Discussion in 'The Players' started by Knobby42, Sep 7, 2014.

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  1. Knobby42

    Knobby42 Forum Apprentice

    I'd be interested to know who of all the registered players/members are ex or currently serving members of our armed forces. It's purely an interest thing and being as I'm ex RGJ I think it would be good to just get a group started. I am well aware that there will be a lot of wanna be's online, but we'd be able to quite quickly weedle you out. I served with 1st, 5th Batt RGJ and got borrowed by 2nd Batt LI for a while, I joined in 1983 and officialy finished in 1998, but am still involved. I'd appreciate some positive comeback.
  2. *rise*

    *rise* Forum Overlooker


    I moved your thread to "the player's" section because in the chat section no players can see :p

    Personally I bet there's a few, but I'm not one of them, but I have been in the army cadets - does that count? :D

    My dad was in the TA for 14 years and was a medical sergeant and during his time had earned around 7 medals, serving in the gulf and for different things, also his brother was part of the regulars being part of the medical side of things also.
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  3. Hi Knobby,

    Thanks for creating this topic. My father was an Officer and a few months after I was born we already needed to move to Germany. Nearly each 2 years we needed to move to another garrison. Mid 70's we came back to the homeland. In 84 my father reached the pensioners age the same year I joined the Army. Needless to say that after my training I was also sent to Germany. Begin of the 90's I came back to the homeland and after serving one or two more years I left the Army to pursue a career in the civil life. Just as you I am still frequently involved with the Army. I tend to work on a website regarding the Belgian Armed Forces in Germany from 1946 - 1999. This project requires a lot of research and not from every topic there is a lot to find. For some topics it is even looking for a needle in a haystack. I don't know how far or deep I will be able to bring this topic but I will really do my best to bring it as good, deep and bright as I can.
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  4. Knobby42

    Knobby42 Forum Apprentice

    Good to hear from you both, and thank you Rise, for the move. I also am a cadet adult leader so yes I'll give you that one.
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  5. *rise*

    *rise* Forum Overlooker

    Ahh, Next year I plan to go back into the army cadets and start off as a potential instructor for the Mercians or better off known as Somme company now as the 4 companys have been disbanded and reduced to 3. I was in Delta as a cadet.
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  6. Knobby42

    Knobby42 Forum Apprentice

    Good to hear that "Rise". My cadet unit is RLC, but at least I'm able to keep my cap badge and beret colour. I have lots to do with 16th air at Colchester and sometimes mingle with the engineers (23 Para engineers) at Woodbridge. I also have a couple of connections with the Rock Apes at Honnington. First met the raf regt out in the gulf back in 90, good guys the ones I met.
  7. [AM§]*Wølƒ*

    [AM§]*Wølƒ* Forum Overlooker

    My father was born of German immigrants out West who arrived in the states after the war. He was sent to boarding school in Germany as a youth. Later on he went to University there and spent the next decade living and working in Germany. He met my mother at a dance there and the rest is history. I was born. A very good job promotion pointed our paths back to the land my father was born in when I was near three. Apart from annual visits back to the homeland, I have remained in the States ever since and am currently working on earning a bachelors in science from college.

    The only connection to the military I have is through relatives (uncles, cousins, grandparents, great-uncles, ancestors), past and present who served or serve in the armed forces of Germany and its federated states, past and present. My people served in the feudal armies of the German states, the armies of Prussia, the armies of the German Empire, in the Wehrmacht, and most recently, in the Bundeswehr.
  8. Sedna66

    Sedna66 Someday Author

    I´m ex Royal marine and also ex Devon and Dorset reg. joined marines in 84 left in 87 then joined Devon and Dorsets 89. left in 98, so I could stay in germany , where I still live :)
  9. ..*jimharper*..(₩ΛŁ)

    ..*jimharper*..(₩ΛŁ) Forum Greenhorn

    I am US Navy retired, served 27 years and retired here in Japan
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  10. USS_Defender(CAG-01)

    USS_Defender(CAG-01) Exceptional Talent

    On GA2 there are a few military that play in various guilds. I and my first council are retired USN and run the Goat Locker. We accept most players, regardless of nationality. Provided they are not affiliated and do not or have not belonged to a Guild or associate with players who openly express a dislike for the Military or ex-military. I once served with a Jim Harper, what is your Rate Jim?
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  11. ™DJ™

    ™DJ™ Someday Author

    well im triggers younger brother (RYAN) from when he used to play on global america 2 ...im ex military but retired as a csm last month after 22 years service in the 2nd battalion parachute regiment, where trigger also served ..many players from know me from gb1 server where i play as pegasus. R.I.P trigger (chris)....
    good to c some old players from global america 2 , uss, wolf, and knobby...may return 1 day to that server gl and love to all :)
  12. Captain___Blah

    Captain___Blah Forum Apprentice

    I am USAF from 1992 - 1996

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