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    the feedback i'd like to offer to the developers is in changing the spawn map location with 6 days left on event this drastically changed players ability to find enough spears to get enough pieces of the puzzle. i understand the developers yielded to the cryers in forum who didn't want map location sent in upper maps but to satisfy those who already have advantages if only in total number of maps to do event over many players then the change harmed the chances of players who it took the entire event just to have a chance at finishing the puzzle and getting all the rewards. most players who complained about not finishing the puzzle only needed 50 or less pieces. in my case im only 14 short and i did everything possible that was legal in trying to finish including taking 2 days off work to no avail. if the developers had left the event alone i would have finished the puzzle. if the developers cared (at all) about the players commenting on not being able to finish they could have offered a cursed soul package and made more money in the process. they could have made a change last couple days for more epic chances so players so close could finish puzzle. instead some of the players who tried the hardest and who it seemed to matter the most to had to feel ignored and rejected as far as voice just because developers chose to respond to the ones who already have all the advantages. maybe it fairly exemplifies the values of the developers they believe in a reward system of the (haves) and discourage the (have nots). if this can be brought to the attention of any of the developers---PLEASE next time leave an event alone once it is going and give ALL a fair chance at the event instead of rewarding the already entitled, the users, and credit card players.
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