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    First Purchase

    Enjoy a bonus when you purchase selected packages for the first time in the month and receive generous benefits! Be sure to keep an eye out for these packages when they're available in the Shop on Sea Chart!

    When viewing the in-game Shop, you may come across packages which have a banner listing "First Purchase", as shown below

    Note: Although the packages may be available on the homepage - you will NOT receive the bonus if bought from the homepage. The bonus is only awarded when the package is purchased from the in-game Shop.

    When purchasing one of these packages, you will receive a bonus at no extra cost

    Hovering your mouse over the package will show you all of the items you will receive for making the purchase, and at the top will be the items you will receive as a bonus

    Once you have added a package to the Cart, you will then be able to see the Bonus in the Cart as well

    Note: Once you have added a package to the Cart that awards the First Purchase Bonus, you are unable to claim the Bonus from any other package

    If you are purchasing multiple packages, please ensure you add the package that comes with the bonus you would like, to the cart first

    You will not gain multiple bonuses for adding multiple packages that come with a First Purchase bonus; you will only be awarded the bonus for the first package added to the cart


    "It's in the Bag" Discount:

    Should you have purchased a package that provides the First Purchase Bonus, you may have received the "It's in the Bag" Discount

    The It's in the Bag Discount is valid for your next payment purchase, or should you not use it, it will expire once its duration has ran out

    You will be able to see this by an icon being present in the top left of your screen

    Alternatively, you can also see this icon by viewing the in-game Shop, and the icon shall be present in the top left

    Hovering over either of these icons will tell you how long you have the discount remaining - should you not use it

    Note: The discount only applies to your first purchase. Once you have purchased an item this discount will be removed from your account

    While you have this discount active, when adding items to the Cart you will be able to see how much you are saving, as shown

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