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  1. Seren

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    Flash Player

    Flash at this time is required to play Seafight, without this you will not be able to load the Sea Chart. Below you will find information for both installing and uninstalling Adobe Flash

    Install Flash:

    To install the latest version of Adobe Flash, please visit Get Adobe Flash

    An installation and enabling guide is also available, provided by Adobe should you have any problems. This guide can be found at Adobe Flash Installation Guide

    Uninstall Flash:

    If you would like to uninstall Flash, an uninstall guide is provided by Adobe at Adobe Flash Uninstall Guide
    We would like to give you a quick update on how Bigpoint plans to proceed with its current games portfolio regarding the upcoming Flash Player shutdown.

    You may already have noticed that Seafight, have been working on a downloadable client. This client will be the transitional solution to guarantee that these games are being playable although the Flash Player will be shut down while the Unity version is still being developed and not ready to go live.
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