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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Follow the Line Halloween Edition

    Each player must write a short entertaining 200-300 word story about a spooky pirate experience in Seafight, real or fictional. The catch is that you must use an assigned line, word for word, at one point in the short story.

    Assigned Line:

    “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!”


    · The Player must use the assigned line WORD FOR WORD, no changing the line in any way.

    · All posts must be in English

    · The short story must be appropriate, if it is deemed inappropriate, it may be deleted at any point by the moderation team and proper forum rules will be enforced.

    · The scarier the better!

    · Any accounts found to have been using an exploit of any kind, will find themselves excluded from the reward of prizes.

    · The story can be real or fictions, but relating it back to Seafight will bode well with the judges.

    · All results are final, no questioning the results.

    · Please remember all of the other Forum Game Rules as well these can be found at


    All prizes are subject to change.

    First: 150,000 Pumpkin Ammo + Mojo Deck 14 days

    Second: 100,000 Pumpkin Ammo + Mojo Deck 7 days

    Third: 75,000 Pumpkin Ammo + Mojo Deck 7 days


    The game will once again run for two weeks. It will start Monday, October 6th, and will end at 11:59pm on Monday, October 20th.

    Good Luck to all !!!!!

    Please use the discussion thread to place any comments. This thread is simply for your entries.

  2. TeYYaRe

    TeYYaRe Forum Apprentice

    10 Nov 2012 i see The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere and I shoot them with a calm when The Jack-o'Lanterns almost drowned pumkin king came suddenly and I shot it well..
    I need to find all of them revento, canores issue shadow spider , luridos issue resless bones, and moriantur issue burning dutchman helped make stronger moriantur ..
    1 year later
    has come from those who are new gargouille and infernos .
    what will happen this year on their

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    server : Int6 ( global asia )
    Name : ☠ B u r n ☠
  3. G-dude

    G-dude Regular

    Darkness crept across the water as Captain Syanite sailed through the Straits of Ogoun. From the distance, a shriek echoed off the volcanic islands. A dense fog mixed with sulfur wafted across the waters surface with the stench of rot. Stories echoed by sailors spoke of a treacherous shadow lurking among the ocean waters on such nights. None of which was believed by Captain Syanite. He sailed fearlessly with his ship 'The Esmeralda' armed with hundreds of voodoo cannons gifted by the voodoo priests of Tortuga, an adamantine hull built in St. Lucia and a skilled cannon reloader from Trinadad. Having sailed further into the fog, the air fell silent. Suddenly a SHRIEK of ear piercing magnitude shook all aboard 'The Esmeralda'. Syanite peered across the bow to see two flaming eyes through the fog. A monstrous pumpkin ghost began shooting exploding jack-o-lanterns through the fog with incredible force. “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!”. Syanite's crew froze with fear and fell to the decks. In the whimpering light of a gun lantern, Syanite drew his cutlass. Madeye pulled out his pistol and fired a shot at the gun lantern leaving the deck in complete darkness. Suddenly, Madeye lunged through the darkness to take Syanite's head in one fowl swoop. A fire then consumed 'The Esmeralda'. The burning wreck later ignited stores of gunpowder releasing an enormous blast as witnessed by the crew of the Los Renagados who now tell this story.

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  4. *rise*

    *rise* Forum Overlooker

    Ahoy there, at this time you are not qualified for the entry, please use the line “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!” word for word to qualify.

    Thanks :)
  5. Dragon~Ray

    Dragon~Ray Forum Greenhorn

    *1st Prize*

    The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!” That was what the old pirate was mumbling as he came stumbling in to the bar and collapsed. Barkeep a rum for this old seadog I called as I helped him off the floor and onto a stool, he stank of sweat and weeks on the sea and something that I would later come to know of as death. Thank ye cap'n he stammered as he took the rum with shaking hands nearly dropping it. "Just drink slowly and tell me your story" I said in a quiet voice, he already looked scared to death. Well it all started about a week ago he started, after taking a mouthful , We'd been on the Island for about an hour when the Cap'n finally told us what we were looking for, the cursed treasure of "Cap'n Madeye", his eyes darting around wildly as if looking for something. Next thing we knew there were ungodly moans coming from all around us. Hold ya ground the Cap'n roared, but it was to late half the crew were already sprinting back towards the ship. That was when we saw the first of the Jack-O-Lanterns, it was like just mentioning the cursed treasure was enough to make them appear.The men that were already running were being attacked by more jack-o-lanterns further back down the path, The moans of the lanterns were now joined by the screams of the crew as they were being attacked and eaten, the rest of us broke and ran swinging our cutlasses at anything that moved. He took another mouthful of rum and continued, it was only about 20 of us that made it back to the ship, the lanterns hot on our heels thier moans changing to an eriee wail.As they stepped on the deck they started to split open there innards spilling everywhere. the oozing mess of innards started to bubble and smoke and thats when he appeared. "Who" I asked as he took another swig of rum. Cap'n Madeye he stammered looking around wildly as if expecting him to appear out of nowhere, He started to kill the rest of the crew. I tried to run an tripped over the remains of our cap'n an lost my balance an fell overboard, thankfully I landed in the water beside a yawl, I clawed my way onboard with the screaming of my crew mates dying still ringing in my ears an rowed as far as i could till i could row nomore thats when I set the sail and fell into an exhausted sleep until this morning when I woke and saw the shore. All of a sudden there was an almighty clamour and a strange ungodly moan started out in the street.
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  6. *Sinister1*

    *Sinister1* Someday Author

    The Flying Dutchman is the legendary cursed ship of sea-fight; it’s doomed to sail around the Island of Voodoo Doom, also known as the island of the ЯÈÐ, for all eternity. The grisly Dutchman legend started in early 1746 when a small 100 gun frigate sank off the coast of the Island of Voodoo Doom. The captain, Manamusa, failed to notice the dark clouds looming and only when he heard the newly installed cabin boy scream out in terror did he realise that they had sailed straight into a fierce cadoc storm.

    Manamusa and his motley crew battled for hours to get out of the storm and thought they’d made it. Then they heard a sickening crunch - the ship had hit treacherous rocks and began to sink. As the ship plunged downwards, Captain Manamusa knew that death was approaching. He was not ready to die and screamed out a curse: 'I WILL round this island even if I have to keep sailing until the end of time!" but on his dying breath he saw that “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!” "his strange, mysterious, red light covered the vessel setting the phantom ship all aglow, in the midst of which light the dutchman's mast, spars and sails took on an evil shape as it then rose from the depths to sail the cursed seas again and, even today, whenever a storm brews off the guild islands, if you look into the eye of the storm, you will be able to see the ship and its captain descending on poor un-suspecting newbies and sending them to the bottom of the sea-fight maps never to return.
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  7. TeYYaRe

    TeYYaRe Forum Apprentice

    ok no problem :D
    because I made my story in this game :oops:
  8. phantomraspberry**

    phantomraspberry** Someday Author

    “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!”
    Or so the legend proclaimed.
    We were heading towards Haiti,having stopped off at Bermuda for a spot of lunch.The weather forecast was good for the last day of October,and there was a mood of anticipation amongst the passengers and crew.Tonight was All Hallows after all,with the promise of many a dark tale to be told and more than a drink or two!
    Nobody really noticed the change in the air,as that vast bank of fog slowly and deliberately crept over us,engulfing our ship in its icy grip.Then suddenly it was too late,as we realized we were no longer moving along our charted course.And what manner of diabolical sailor was manning the helm of that shadowy vessel,seeming to materialize out of the mist to our aft? It was huge,heavy in the waters,yet gliding gracefully upon us,coming alongside with ease.An eerie keening was heard across our decks, before the fist of the creatures showed their rotten visages,evil and corrupted,yet oddly jovial with their leering smiles.And the stench! It was overpowering,cloying and thickly suffocating,rapidly disorienting those who inhaled it.I myself saw three of our number retching over the sides,even as they were consumed by these foul demons.
    The rest of this tale I shall leave to your imagination,far be it from me to upset your preconcieved notions and beliefs.But not all the stories you may hear this October 31st are whimsy,and if you ever find yourself as a guest upon my ship,take care.

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  9. G°ºš€[ÙƒA]

    G°ºš€[ÙƒA] Forum Apprentice

    2nd Prize

    As I settle in for another long night, keeping lookout in the crows nest. I let my mind wander to the stars, so bright and shinny. Was a good night for thoughts to wander,a brisk breeze at our backs,swells of 8 foot to rock the m8s to sleep. Could count the stars all the way to the horizon. The captian,Nimits, was on the bow smoking his favorite pipe, gazing at the waters. Shaggy was at the helm keeping the sails into the wind mindful of the course the captian set. M8's Rise and Shiver was tending to the sails making sure everything was secure. Suddenly a bright light flashed off the port bow, like a million candle being lite at once, the wind died enough to be barely noticed, the water turned smooth as glass. The captian hollered out, lookout, what was that m8, a falling star? I hollered back, nay capt, it came from out of the water, not from the sky. As my eyes recovered from the blinding lite I seen a ship appear, slowly rising from the spot the lite was. Ship off port I hollered, grabbing my spyglass. What I saw shook me to my weathered bones. An old warship, not seen in over 100 years sailed at us. The sails, ripped and tatered not seeming to be able to hold a baby's breath, but billowing they were, and making good time right at us. The captian ordered "all hands on deck", as I looked at our flat sails and wondered how we can manuever from this cursed demon ship. No crew seen I holllered to the captian, yet the ship pulled within cannon range and stopped, the sails went limp and the ship started glowing as if the moon was in its holds. Or crew, bewildered by the ghostly site, stopped their task and stared, asking for help from their captian as to what to do. Suddenly the ghost ships 48 port side cannons flashed, but not a sound was heard, It was soon apparent the what smashed onto our deck was not of our world. “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!
    "Who dares to set sail in our graveyard" Mad_eye thunders. "Graveyard" Nimits yells back, "Theres nothing out here but water". "Aye my sorry captian", Mad_eye whispered, "as this water is going to be your graveyard also". His hands pointed at the deck and the pumpkins attacked the crew,Shiver and Shaggy was the first to go. Huddled in a corner, pistols and cuttless in their shaky hands, the pumpkins jumped on them. They screamed in pain as their skin turned gray, disappeared then the bones,flaying and shooting, til they was eaten also, only the metal remained. One after another the crew on deck was eaten, last was the capt. As Nimitz screamed, Mad_eye yanked his heart from his chest and said, " A momento, I save them for my hope chest m8." Then Mad_eye looked up to the crows nest and whispered, "ye have til dawn to sail aways. les u want to join ur m8's". In a flash of light and smoke, the pumkins, the ship and Mad_eye vanished as if it was magic. Black voodoo magic.
    The End. BOOOO. lol

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  10. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    3rd Prize

    The engine died as the boat slowed to a crawl. Cassandra hopped into the murky waters, trying to avoid the restless piranhas and the deadly patrols of the moriantur army. Slowly, carefully and silently, Cassandra drifted to the shores. Now stranded with only a mirror and flashlight, Cassandra and her husband, the merciless flying dutchman needed to find food, they had not eaten for 3 days. Unsure of what to expect, they were sure to remain quiet and use the mirror the explore the area of the dense forest, among the freakishly big spiders, the slippery snails and creepy centipedes there was movement in the background. Something haunting was lurking in the background. Cassandra remained cautious. Suddenly, the rustling sound from the bushes, as Cassandra was tiptoeing closer and closer she got more and more frightened.. She pulled back the bush and nothing! Cassandra and the dutchman approached the cabin and The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye! Madeye had not been sighted in centuries, pirate legens such as admiral lucia and admiral sinclare had merely believed he was a myth and there he was, right in front of Cassandra and the dutchman. Madeye was twice the size of the Jack-o-Lanterns and much more scarier. Cassandra looked on bewildered, how was she to kill this monster? The sliver pouring from its mouth, it's eyes glaring menacingly when Cassandra had an idea, “We will eat him” she said to the dutchman. As Madeye swallowed Cassandra and the dutchman whole they ate him from the inside; hole after hole was emerging in the structure this monster and eventually, the fearsome Madeye crumbled into a a million pieces, with Cassandra finding pearls in the process.

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  11. www

    www Exceptional Talent

    Have you ever asked yourself: Why are those waters so dark? The answer goes beyond just an accumulation of carbon dioxide due to the volcanic activity, but a curse created by the negative energy left after a lot of blood and screams. It started a long time ago:

    It was a dark day. The notorious fleet of Only~Fighters were sailing across their territory to terminate those unlucky pirates which carried an enemy tag in the dangerous waters of the volcanic region. It was a gruesome exhange of cannon balls. Scared sea monsters and minor pirates watched the blast of hundreds, if not thousands of cannons as the heard the screams of the invaders' crew. Cabin boys of both bands were crying, screaming and shocked due the loss of their fellow partners.

    Many wrecked ships, bleeding taipans wounded by the shrapnells and burning ships of Syanite's fleet that got caught by the crossfire were the remains of a violent incident that was not just a war, but an evil rite orchestrated by Jaques Paris, Mary Laveau and some other extremely powerful and dangerous sorcerers to summon an unknown entity from the bottom of the dark seas. As the victorious fleet set course to ther island, their eyes saw the unbelivable: Aggresive fire blasts from the volcanos, the local pirate fleets ran away and the monsters that were not wounded went under water, like following their instincts to escape to survive the incoming threat. The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!

    Captain Madeye appeared to annihilate any living creature in his path. This chaos is unleashed once a year for two weeks and is up to the bravest corsairs to stop this demon and send it back to the depths of the sea with Azrael.
  12. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    you could do with writing some of bp's event descriptions, that was very good :D
  13. _RATTY_.

    _RATTY_. Exceptional Talent

    It so happened once, when Jack was in the midst of a battle, laying low the foes of his tribe, that he suddenly saw a wondrous vision. A woman, beautiful beyond his wildest dreams, dark of hair and eye, and with skin as pale as virgin snow, riding a flaming Penteconter, spear in hand, and a raven on each shoulder.

    As the boat drew close, the woman spoke to Jack.

    "Come with me," she said, "for I love Thee, and would have Thee with me for all time."

    But Jack was frightened, for he recognized the woman for what She was. "I don't want to go with Thee," he answered in a shaking voice, "I know Thee - Thou art the Morrighan, the Chooser of the Slain, and I am not ready to die."

    Bright sparked the eyes of the Goddess in pride and anger, and She wheeled her boat and was gone from Jack's vision.

    But as he stood there, frozen in awe, an enemy warrior struck him a great sword blow across the face. Jack did not die from his wound, but his face was forever ruined, and the lasses that pined after him before, now ran from him in fear. And so Jack did not marry.
    It so happened once, that right after his last brother's death, The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!. It was late Autumn, and he paused on a rusty cannon to take off his shoes and socks, and roll up his breaches before wading into the almost-freezing water. Then, when he looked up again, he noticed something strange. Where the cannon he was on was still red and gold with Autumn leaves, the other cannons was white with snow, which lay in a thick blanket, as if it had been there for years. Amidst the snows, behind the dark shapes of old, gnarled trees, he saw a village on a island he passing by, half-hidden in the mist. Warm, golden light shined from the windows of the houses that seemed familiar and welcoming to him. In front of one the houses he thought he saw his dead brother wave and fade into the gathering gloom. He also noticed an old woman on the other side, crouched by the water, and covered in dark, shapeless rags. She seemed to be washing something in the sea, and her arms were red up to the elbows, and where she touched the water, the sea ran red as blood. To his horror, Jack noticed that what she was washing looked very much like his own best embroidered tunic that he was wearing for his brother's funeral. The old woman looked up, and her face was as white as snow and deeply lined, with grey wisps of hair framing it like a halo, and deeply sunken black eyes that seemed like the pits of the night.
    "Cross the waves, and come to me, Jack," she said in a harsh, raspy voice, "for I love Thee, and I would have Thee with me for all time."
    But Jack was frightened, for he recognized the woman for what She was. "I don't want to go with Thee," he answered in a shaking voice, "I know Thee - Thou art the Morrigan, the Hag, the Washer at the Ford, and I am not ready to die."
    Suddenly, where before there was an old woman, The Great Queen stood in all Her Otherworldly majesty, the dark rags magically transforming into the dark wings of a raven.

    "Thou art a fool, Jack!" She raged, as her black tresses flew wildly around Her face, and her eyes flamed like stars at midnight. "Thrice thy time came, and thrice I offered thee my love, for I had chosen thee as a wife would choose a husband. Thou could have been a young warrior at my side. Thou could have woven songs of splendor at my feast. Thou could have lived with me in peace and with thy family about thee. And thrice you rejected me out of fear. Now I reject thee. Never more shall I come to thee. Never more shall I call to thee. But by my curse thou shalt live for as long as this candle burns."
    She reached across the watters - it seemed easy now, for She was more then human - and placed a candle on the ground at Jack's feet. Then she was gone, snow and the misty village disappearing with Her, leaving nothing but an Autumn wind behind.

    Carefully guarding the flame of the candle, Jack left the watters and went home.

    Time passed. Year after year, rolling in unending cycles. Everyone whom Jack had known as a young man had long since passed away. No one was left who even knew who he was, and in his small village he was just treated as a crazy old man, a burden on everyone, and a helper to none, for while he lived on and on, he also got older and older, and weaker and weaker, and even his mind started giving out after awhile. After a very long time, all he knew was that he had to keep his candle burning, lest he die.

    His house fell into ruin, his field went untended, and all that would grow there were some turnips that his neighbors planted for him out of kindness. One night, a lightening bolt struck his house, and it burned down. Jack then took one of the turnips from his field, carved it into a lantern, and put his candle there, so that it would be protected from the rain.

    He left his village and started wondering about with his lantern, looking and calling to friends and family long gone. His body grew older and older, until even his flesh disappeared, leaving only a spirit without physical substance. He hardly even noticed, for even as a spirit he still could not pass to the Other World, wondering this one with his lantern, a sad and lonely ghost, forever cursed from his fate by his fear.

    And that is why turnip lanterns - now pumpkin lanterns - are called Jack-o-lanterns, and that is why we light them on Samhain - to remember Jack and his great fear, and to light the way for all the lost souls wondering about in the darkness looking for the passage to the Otherworld.

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  14. www

    www Exceptional Talent

    Why can't I edit my post? I found some errors I would like to fix.
  15. *rise*

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    www, paste your new response, and I will merge the posts :)
  16. Mary-Weather

    Mary-Weather Junior Expert

    Honorable Mention

    The masts creaked and groaned in the eerie winds. A solitary deckhand leaned against the rail, sipping from a flask of rum. A deep fog had enveloped The Santísima Trinidad, a spanish merchant ship on a crossing from the mainland of Spain to the dreaded Isla de las
    Almas Perdidas: the Island of Lost Souls. Captain Sanchez was widely known for underhanded dealings, and this voyage was certainly no exception. It was up for wide debate as to why Sanchez had arrived on the Spanish coast, seeking a crew of scallywags, criminals and buccaneers, especially once he mentioned his destination. Nevertheless, he raised a crew and set out for the islands, throwing caution to the winds. Now the Santísima Trinidad was only miles from the legendary island. The motley crew had braved all obstacles: The ferocious Moby Dick, schools of Trankus, a massive Serena and even a few of the bolder pirate ships. Things had gotten worse as the distance between the ship and the island reduced. Only an hour ago a hasty cut and run had to be made to avoid a sizable fleet of pirates belonging to the notorious gang Los Renegados.

    The clouds parted slightly, and moonlight spilled over the deck, which was lit by a dim lantern. The deckhand shivered and scratched the scraps of a young beard. He had spent many nights on the watch, but never had encountered a night quite like tonight. The captain's cabin opened suddenly, and the form of Sanchez himself appeared. He was a rough man, with a long black beard and multiple tattoos. Unlike many questionable figures, Sanchez's body was untarnished by scars; he was a superb fighter and no one yet had gotten the better of him. Sanchez casually walked up to the rail and stood beside the hand. He stared into the unclear seas ahead.
    "Well lad, looks like we're almost there. The cursed treasure of Odette himself lies on the isle afore' us, and it's ours fer the takin'. Only one other man knows where this isle lies, and he ain't been seen in these parts fer many a year. Ole Madeye, Cap'n of The Hollow Timbers."
    The hand shook his head.
    "Aye Cap'n, but I heard talk of the ghost of a ship sighted behind us neigh three hours ago, some say it had the orange sails of Madeye's ship.
    Sanchez laughed, "Ar maybe yer right, but if it is ole madeye it'll be a race to the isle, an even if he gets there first, I'll just run him down and take the treasure anyway."

    Without warning the lookout cried out from above: "It's madeye! He's on our starboard side! Movin' fast!"

    The sleepy crew came running out of the quarters to Sanchez yelling orders to speed up the ship. Above them bats flew and screeched as the island came into view. The fog had lifted enough to give them vague outlines of Madeye and the Island. Suddenly horrific screams erupted from the starboard. The crew froze in fear. Madeye's ship had come to a halt and now was falling under the waves. It was too foggy to see the cause. Santísima Trinidad came to a halt and the fog once again descended so that everything on all sides was blocked from view. The bosom spoke the thoughts of all aloud.
    "What if we're next?"

    Even Sanchez stayed silent as his ship bobbed up and down in the muddy water, or was it bloody water? The ship seemed to go taunt, as though something had latched onto it from below. Deep daemonic laughter erupted from below, and the water swirled and gushed.
    The bosom moaned: "Ar... Are we liftin' out of the water?"
    The ship seemed to rise, as the water erupted below them and the clouds swirled into a tornado above them. Lightning flashed to reveal a face in the sky, horned and twisted. It laughed uproariously and dissipated into the swirling fog, where glimpses of similar faces were suddenly visible. The boiling water drowned out any sound the sailors could make.

    "The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!”

    Somehow a waterfall of carved pumpkins had spilled from above. The crew picked themselves up, spitting and moaning, to behold a disgusting slimy corpse in front of them. The recently deceased Captain Madeye, covered and soaked in pumpkin waste and with a horrible grin decorating his face seemed to grow out of the slimy remains all over the deck. He reached out with a single massive arm, dripping sludge and seeds, and grasped Sanchez. He held him tightly in front of his burning eyes and laughed,
    "Sanncheezzz, your soul is mine, and you will join Madeye as my servant for eternityyyy!" Boomed the remains of Madeye. The swirling waters rose and the clouds descended to take the entire ship, just as Madeye's had been taken, and no sign of Santísima Trinidad was ever seen again. The legend of a new ship would soon rise. The Devil's Wretch would terrorize the unknown seas for eternity. Crewed by the damned and captained by the monstrous nightmares of Madeye and Sanchez.

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    Happy Halloween!

  17. *Sinister1*

    *Sinister1* Someday Author

    some of these fantastic scripts getting to the length of Lord of the Rings - some nice reads but too long
  18. ~turnip~

    ~turnip~ Old Hand

    some are 900 long, good reads but it 300 words tops :)
  19. sophie♪

    sophie♪ Regular

    I awoke to the sound of cannons, they sounded like nothing I have ever heard before. They We calleed them "doom Hammers" because if you paid for them you were truly doomed. The crew felt sick to the stomach at the sight of them and jumped overboard. I assured them not to jump because it couldn't get any worse...I was wrong.

    I saw several dementors circle our ship sucking the life out of my my remaining crew, the king dementor finally appeared after using his slaves to do most of his dirty work. He was very big compared to the rest of them. We called him "bigpoint". He sucked the life out of my ship leaving what was once a powerful almighty ship a weak wrecked pile of junk.

    I needed to stop their final rain of terror, the mad eye event. Bad profits and everyone who attempts it is left hopeless I had no choice. I used my burning carcass of a ship and set sail past the dementors, I tried to rush to the scene as quickly as possible with just afew seconds remaining but an unknown obstacle was in the way. It was a sign reading, "you have changed map twice in an hour, for unlimited map changed please purchase the map changer pack for just £9.99.99. I had lost.

    “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!”

    The event has started. All remaining ships lost everything because house always wins. They surrendered their ships and the maps became a ghost town. Doomed to sail the map alone, sophie eventually went crazy.
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  20. Bisdak

    Bisdak Advanced

    It was the eve of Halloween and everyone knows that the dead will rise for one night to get their revenge on the living.

    But Bisdak would not believe. "Old widows tale", he would told his seasoned first mate as he prepared for a night of rampage and pillage on the ships anchored on Pirate's Bay, their crew safely on shore drinking a month's worth of rum. He promised his crew half of all the loot they will make that night, which silenced even the most superstitious among them.

    Hoisting his sails, Bisdak quietly steered his ship from his hidden cove just a league away from Pirate's Bay. Just before midnight, he saw the lights of the town and heard the drunken singing from the tavern which carried over the still waters.

    Coming up to the first ship, he led his crew over and easily overpowered the mostly drunk guards. In the captain's quarters, they found gold, gems, and pearls overflowing from chests. More than any of them have ever seen in one place. In no time, they had spirited all treasure. After boarding four more ships, Bisdak ordered his crew to head back to their hidden cove.

    It was just before daybreak when Bisdak and his exhausted crew entered the hidden cove. "I told you", Bisdak reminded his seasoned first mate who just said "When I see the sun come up, I'll believe." After dropping anchor and trimming the sails, the crew was so exhausted that they slept where they sat, each one dreaming of retiring to a distant place and using their share of the loot to buy respectability. Bisdak, however, would not sleep. He locked himself in the hold with all the loot and armed with a dozed loaded pistols and some cutlasses, fearing a mutiny from his greedy crew. His first mate also could not sleep but he climbed all the way up to the eagle's nest at the tallest mast, armed with his voodoo beads and cloves of garlic.

    Just before daybreak, a fog rolled in. The first mate saw it and nearly wet his breeches because the fog came out of nowhere. One second he was looking at his voodoo beads and when he looked out, the fog was there silently rolling into the hidden cove. Quickly, the fog reached the ship and seemed to climb over and spread on the deck and into the doorways and windows. The first mate saw everything because the fog did not reach up to the masts. When the whole ship was engulfed in the fog, the Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!

    In minutes, dawn broke and the fog rolled off the ship and vanished. The first mate went down and he breathed a sign of relief. "We are safe, the sun saved us" he muttered to himself. "Captain, Captain! We made it through Halloween!" he shouted. "Men, awake and let's divide the spoils!" he added. But no one answered. The first mate went through the entire ship and he did not find a soul. He broke through the thick hold but Bisdak was not there. The whole hold was empty, save for a big red pearl with a pattern that looked like a mad eye. The first mate threw the red pearl into the deep waters of the hidden cove and swam to the shore not taking anything from the ship.

    The first mate never sailed again. To this day, you can find the first mate in the tavern of Pirate's Bay telling anyone who cared to listen to stay away from the sea on Halloween's eve.
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