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Dear forum reader,

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  1. *rise*

    *rise* Forum Overlooker

    The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye! and with him an army of putty critters! sliding through every crack and crevice, expanding, ripping the elite of the 27th wide open! sinking... A Gleaming mist appeard from the Captain's chamber, it was a mod! Summoning his powers in the room before him, he gripped onto the surviving crew and rose for the stars! Jumping into a world far higher than the previous, on a boat no pirate has ever seen, it be a true beauty to the eye, so tasty, it's deemed as eye candy! It packs 297 voodoo cannons, so rare only the most powerful get them, "ship of the line" BestMod_*rise* refers to it as!

    Leaving Madeye to return to the locker from which he came ;)
  2. Nimitz

    Nimitz Forum Freak

    Ahoy Pirates,

    Thank you all for your wonderful entries! You have only a few more hours to get your entries in and win some Pumpkin Ammo and a Mojo Deck!
  3. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    During the year of 1683, five notorious pirate captains, frankthetank1974, ЈΛČК♔ŠPΛЯRǾW, Bigtony 1964, RichDoe, -HAWK67- met on the island topmost of sea charts, 20.1 to make an agreement never to attack each other (this agreement never did survive past teatime). As a gesture of good faith, each took with them a bag of personal treasure to be buried on the island.

    Each buried his treasure in an individual plot and a map of all locations was drawn. Each of the five notorious pirates had a copy of this map. However within two years of the meeting, all five pirates were dead! Either killed in action or taken by the authorities and executed.

    There were many rumours about the meeting on 20.1, but no one knew the whereabouts of the five locations or who held any of the maps. The story was consigned to myth and legend.

    Then one day, in October, 2014, a young boy called *rise*, the apprentice of the famous merchant seaman, Apprentice Master ,Nimitz,, found an old leather wallet on the beach near where he lived. Upon opening the wallet, he discovered two pieces of parchment. One of these carried a roughly drawn map and the other, some strange instructions.

    *Rise* took the package to ,Nimitz,, who soon recognized the map as being that of the island 20.1. He had of course heard the old legend of the five pirate captains and thought that these two old tattered documents might indeed be directions to the buried treasure! An Expedition was quickly mounted to find the hidden 5 bags of treasure.

    When they arrived upon the island 20.1, the map led them to five stepping stones each one of these stones lay the old leather bag that was used to hide the treasure of each of the five famous captains.

    Four of those rascally pirates had cheated! Only one contained anything of worth – a bag of gold doubloons! However on lifting this treasure bag
    “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!” His screams could be heard all the way down to the calm waters of PvE, hand over the treasure or Feed the fish.

    367 (67 Words too many sorry)
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  4. Knobby42

    Knobby42 Forum Apprentice

    I've heard these stories before, thought 'Rise', good enough to frighten the new recruits but just tales to the old hands. Having left the guardroom the cold sea wind took his breath away reminding him that the tea urn had gone just as cold, the smell of the coast never left the cold dark walls of Languard fort. He gazed out to seawards from his guard post atop the ramparts listening to the quickening wind and the sound of his friend Tommy, snoring from the shelter of the gun magazine below hi s thoughts returned to the strange events of the previous night.
    On an earlier guard shift after the forts weekly night firing exercise, he'd seen a ship of the line on the horizon, nothing out of the ordinary he noted but the ship sailed in an odd way and he'd not seen any flag of origin. He'd reported the ships course and description to his commander and thought nothing more of it and yet right now he was seeing what he would swear was the very same ship the only thing different this time was it's course, it was heading straight for the fort.
    'RISE' was becoming increasingly concerned when became aware of his friend Tommy stood beside him, "that's odd" said Tommy, almost in an instant the ship came about and presented her starboard battery "stand to arms" yelled Sean as he saw the plumes of smoke followed by the thunderous roar of a full broadside shattering the night air. Regaining his feet he almost didn't hear the forts eastern battery replying in , however the guns were cold and not yet accurate. The artillerymen had yet to wipe the sleep from their eye's so had not found their range quite yet.
    With an eyrie suddenness the ship hove too, "she's landing boats, make ready your muskets........LOAD" SEREN'S orders being heard over the crash of the main guns. The enemy had reached the foot of the walls to his utter amazement they seemingly melted into the CADOC'S. SEREN stood his ground when he saw “The Jack-o-Lanterns came out of nowhere, their gooey, slimy innards spilling everywhere on the deck. From this gooey sludge, rose the fearsome Madeye!”, SEREN raised his cutlass and charged forward...........
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  5. Nimitz

    Nimitz Forum Freak

    Ahoy mates,

    The game has officially ended. Thank you all for your entries and they will be judged and the winner announced soon :)

  6. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The winners have now been chosen.

    1st place: 634/42163477
    2d place: 40/2354080
    3rd place: 634/37909506

    Honorable Mention : 40/39133907 (Excessively, outside the scope of the allowed words, but good storyline)

    The prizes being :

    First: 150,000 Pumpkin Ammo + Mojo Deck 14 days
    Second: 100,000 Pumpkin Ammo + Mojo Deck 7 days
    Third: 75,000 Pumpkin Ammo + Mojo Deck 7 days

    Honorable Mention : 50k Pumpkin Ammo

    These will be issued before the end of today.

    Congratulations to you, and thank you to all that took part in this forum Game.
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