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    Want to make you ship deal more damage? Use the power of Voodoo Magic to increase your Voodoo Points? Maybe even make your ship harder to hit?

    Gems come in different sizes, shapes and types, and they contain powerful bonuses which shall increase different stats of your ship and pet!

    Gems have two main categories, Ship Gems and Pet Gems. Ship Gems are equipped into the Ship Gem Slots, and likewise Pet Gems are equipped into the Pet Gem Slots.

    Ship Gem Statistics

    Ship Gems are Gems which can be equipped on your Ships.

    A Ship has 5 classification slots; 1 Special Slot, 2 Offensive Slots and 2 Defensive Slots.

    You can only equip different types of gems into these classification slots, for example you can not have 2x Cannon Damage Gems. You also can only equip Gems with the same classification as the classification slot.

    Ship Gems can be acquired by opening Ship Booty Bags, more information on these can be found here. Some ships also come with gems already presocketed, you can find which ships come with which gems here.

    Offensive Gems

    Offensive Ship Gems are of a red color and contain bonuses which shall increase your offensive stats.

    You shall be able to equip two different types of Offensive Ship Gems onto your Ship in the Offensive Slots.

    An overview of these gems can be seen in the image below, detailing the name, level and bonus of each gem.

    [​IMG]Level 1Splintered Coral
    1% Critical Damage
    Splintered Garnet
    1% Harpoon Damage
    Splintered Rhodolite
    1% Boarding Bonus
    Splintered Rose Quartz
    0.5% Hit Probability
    Splintered Ruby
    1% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 2 Chipped Coral
    2% Critical Damage
    Chipped Garnet
    2% Harpoon Damage
    Chipped Rhodolite
    2% Boarding Bonus
    Chipped Rose Quartz
    1% Hit Probability
    Chipped Ruby
    2% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 3 Synthetic Coral
    3% Critical Damage
    Synthetic Garnet
    3% Harpoon Damage
    Synthetic Rhodolite
    3% Boarding Bonus
    Synthetic Rose Quartz
    1.5% Hit Probability
    Synthetic Ruby
    3% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 4 Impure Coral
    4% Critical Damage
    Impure Garnet
    4% Harpoon Damage
    Impure Rhodolite
    4% Boarding Bonus
    Impure Rose Quartz
    2% Hit Probability
    Impure Ruby
    4% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 5 Raw Coral
    5% Critical Damage
    Raw Garnet
    5% Harpoon Damage
    Raw Rhodolite
    5% Boarding Bonus
    Raw Rose Quartz
    2.5% Hit Probability
    Raw Ruby
    5% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 6Irregular Coral
    6% Critical Damage
    Irregular Garnet
    6% Harpoon Damage
    Irregular Rhodolite
    6% Boarding Bonus
    Irregular Rose Quartz
    3% Hit Probability
    Irregular Ruby
    % Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 7Scoured Coral
    7% Critical Damage
    Scoured Garnet
    7% Harpoon Damage
    Scoured Rhodolite
    7% Boarding Bonus
    Scoured Rose Quartz
    3.5% Hit Probability
    Scoured Ruby
    7% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 8Clear Coral
    8% Critical Damage
    Clear Garnet
    Harpoon Damage
    Clear Rhodolite
    8% Boarding Bonus
    Clear Rose Quartz
    4% Hit Probability
    Clear Ruby
    8% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 9Pure Coral
    9% Critical Damage
    Pure Garnet
    9% Harpoon Damage
    Pure Rhodolite
    9% Boarding Bonus
    Pure Rose Quartz
    4.5% Hit Probability
    Pure Ruby
    9% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 10Cut Coral
    10% Critical Damage
    Cut Garnet
    10% Harpoon Damage
    Cut Rhodolite
    10% Boarding Bonus
    Cut Rose Quartz
    5% Hit Probability
    Cut Ruby
    10% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 11Chiseled Coral
    11% Critical Damage
    Chiseled Garnet
    11% Harpoon Damage
    Chiseled Rhodolite
    11% Boarding Bonus
    Chiseled Rose Quartz
    5.5% Hit Probability
    Chiseled Ruby
    11% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 12Smooth Coral
    12% Critical Damage
    Smooth Garnet
    12% Harpoon Damage
    Smooth Rhodolite
    12% Boarding Bonus
    Smooth Rose Quartz
    6% Hit Probability
    Smooth Ruby
    12% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 13Gleaming Coral
    13% Critical Damage
    Gleaming Garnet
    13% Harpoon Damage
    Gleaming Rhodolite
    13% Boarding Bonus
    Gleaming Rose Quartz
    6.5% Hit Probability
    Gleaming Ruby
    13% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 14Shining Coral
    14% Critical Damage
    Shining Garnet
    14% Harpoon Damage
    Shining Rhodolite
    14% Boarding Bonus
    Shining Rose Quartz
    7% Hit Probability
    Shining Ruby
    14% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 15Immaculate Coral
    15% Critical Damage
    Immaculate Garnet
    15% Harpoon Damage
    Immaculate Rhodolite
    15% Boarding Bonus
    Immaculate Rose Quartz
    7.5% Hit Probability
    Immaculate Ruby
    15% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 16Polished Coral
    16% Critical Damage
    Polished Garnet
    16% Harpoon Damage
    Polished Rhodolite
    16% Boarding Bonus
    Polished Rose Quartz
    8% Hit Probability
    Polished Ruby
    16% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 17Twinkling Coral
    17% Critical Damage
    Twinkling Garnet
    17% Harpoon Damage
    Twinkling Rhodolite
    17% Boarding Bonus
    Twinkling Rose Quartz
    8.5 % Hit Probability
    Twinkling Ruby
    17% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 18Sparkling Coral
    18% Critical Damage
    Sparkling Garnet
    18% Harpoon Damage
    Sparkling Rhodolite
    18% Boarding Bonus
    Sparkling Rose Quartz
    9% Hit Probability
    Sparkling Ruby
    18%Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 19Multifaceted Coral
    19% Critical Damage
    Multifaceted Garnet
    19% Harpoon Damage
    Multifaceted Rhodolite
    19% Boarding Bonus
    Multifaceted Rose Quartz
    9.5% Hit Probability
    Multifaceted Ruby
    19% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 20Refined Coral
    20% Critical Damage
    Refined Garnet
    20% Harpoon Damage
    Refined Rhodolite
    20% Boarding Bonus
    Refined Rose Quartz
    10% Hit Probability
    Refined Ruby
    20% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 21Precious Coral
    21% Critical Damage
    Precious Garnet
    21% Harpoon Damage
    Precious Rhodolite
    21% Boarding Bonus
    Precious Rose Quartz
    10.5% Hit Probability
    Precious Ruby
    21% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 22Unblemished Coral
    22% Critical Damage
    Unblemished Garnet
    22% Harpoon Damage
    Unblemished Rhodolite
    22% Boarding Bonus
    Unblemished Rose Quartz
    11% Hit Probability
    Unblemished Ruby
    22% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 23Brilliant Coral
    23% Critical Damage
    Brilliant Garnet
    23% Harpoon Damage
    Brilliant Rhodolite
    23% Boarding Bonus
    Brilliant Rose Quartz
    11.5% Hit Probability
    Brilliant Ruby
    23% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 24Dazzling Coral
    24% Critical Damage
    Dazzling Garnet
    24% Harpoon Damage
    Dazzling Rhodolite
    24% Boarding Bonus
    Dazzling Rose Quartz
    12% Hit Probability
    Dazzling Ruby
    24% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 25Flawless Coral
    25% Critical Damage
    Flawless Garnet
    25% Harpoon Damage
    Flawless Rhodolite
    25% Boarding Bonus
    Flawless Rose Quartz
    12.5% Hit Probability
    Flawless Ruby
    25% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 26Impeccable Coral
    26% Critical Damage
    Impeccable Garnet
    26% Harpoon Damage
    Impeccable Rhodolite
    26% Boarding Bonus
    Impeccable Rose Quartz
    13% Hit Probability
    Impeccable Ruby
    26% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 27Perfect Coral
    27% Critical Damage
    Perfect Garnet
    27% Harpoon Damage
    Perfect Rhodolite
    27% Boarding Bonus
    Perfect Rose Quartz
    13.5% Hit Probability
    Perfect Ruby
    27% Cannon Damage
    [​IMG]Level 28Imbued Coral
    28% Critical Damage
    Imbued Garnet
    28% Harpoon Damage
    Imbued Rhodolite
    28% Boarding Bonus
    Imbued Rose Quartz
    14% Hit Probability
    Imbued Ruby
    28% Cannon Damage
    Defensive Gems

    Defensive Ship Gems are of a blue color and contain bonuses which shall increase your defensive stats.

    You shall be able to equip two different types of Defensive Ship Gems onto your Ship in the Defensive Slots.

    An overview of these gems can be seen in the image below, detailing the name, level and bonus of each gem.

    [​IMG]Level 1Splintered Aquamarine
    1% Damage Prevention
    Splintered Azurite
    2% Repair Value
    -0.5% Repair Speed
    Splintered Lapis Lazuli
    5,000 Hitpoints
    Splintered Sapphire
    5,000 Voodoo Points
    Splintered Sodalite
    4% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 2Chipped Aquamarine
    2% Damage Prevention
    Chipped Azurite
    4% Repair Value
    -1% Repair Speed
    Chipped Lapis Lazuli
    10,000 Hitpoints
    Chipped Sapphire
    10,000 Voodoo Points
    Chipped Sodalite
    4.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 3 Synthetic Aquamarine
    3% Damage Prevention
    Synthetic Azurite
    6% Repair Value
    -1.5% Repair Speed
    Synthetic Lapis Lazuli
    15,000 Hitpoints
    Synthetic Sapphire
    15,000 Voodoo Points
    Synthetic Sodalite
    5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 4 Impure Aquamarine
    4% Damage Prevention
    Impure Azurite
    8% Repair Value
    -2% Repair Speed
    Impure Lapis Lazuli
    20,000 Hitpoints
    Impure Sapphire
    20,000 Voodoo Points
    Impure Sodalite
    5.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 5 Raw Aquamarine
    5% Damage Prevention
    Raw Azurite
    10% Repair Value
    -2.5% Repair Speed
    Raw Lapis Lazuli
    25,000 Hitpoints
    Raw Sapphire
    25,000 Voodoo Points
    Raw Sodalite
    6% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 6Irregular Aquamarine
    6% Damage Prevention
    Irregular Azurite
    12% Repair Value
    -3 % Repair Speed
    Irregular Lapis Lazuli
    30,000 Hitpoints
    Irregular Sapphire
    30,000 Voodoo Points
    Irregular Sodalite
    6.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 7Scoured Aquamarine
    7% Damage Prevention
    Scoured Azurite
    14% Repair Value
    -3.5% Repair Speed
    Scoured Lapis Lazuli
    35,000 Hitpoints
    Scoured Sapphire
    35,000 Voodoo Points
    Scoured Sodalite
    7% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 8Clear Aquamarine
    8% Damage Prevention
    Clear Azurite
    16% Repair Value
    -4% Repair Speed
    Clear Lapis Lazuli
    40,000 Hitpoints
    Clear Sapphire
    40,000 Voodoo Points
    Clear Sodalite
    7.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 9Pure Aquamarine
    9% Damage Prevention
    Pure Azurite
    18% Repair Value
    -4.5% Repair Speed
    Pure Lapis Lazuli
    45,000 Hitpoints
    Pure Sapphire
    45,000 Voodoo Points
    Pure Sodalite
    8% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 10Cut Aquamarine
    10% Damage Prevention
    Cut Azurite
    20% Repair Value
    -5% Repair Speed
    Cut Lapis Lazuli
    50,000 Hitpoints
    Cut Sapphire
    50,000 Voodoo Points
    Cut Sodalite
    8.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 11Chiseled Aquamarine
    11% Damage Prevention
    Chiseled Azurite
    22% Repair Value
    -5.5% Repair Speed
    Chiseled Lapis Lazuli
    55,000 Hitpoints
    Chiseled Sapphire
    55,000 Voodoo Points
    Chiseled Sodalite
    9% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 12Smooth Aquamarine
    12% Damage Prevention
    Smooth Azurite
    24% Repair Value
    -6% Repair Speed
    Smooth Lapis Lazuli
    60,000 Hitpoints
    Smooth Sapphire
    60,000 Voodoo Points
    Smooth Sodalite
    9.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 13Gleaming Aquamarine
    13% Damage Prevention
    Gleaming Azurite
    26% Repair Value
    -6.5% Repair Speed
    Gleaming Lapis Lazuli
    65,000 Hitpoints
    Gleaming Sapphire
    65,000 Voodoo Points
    Gleaming Sodalite
    10% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 14Shining Aquamarine
    14% Damage Prevention
    Shining Azurite
    28% Repair Value
    -7% Repair Speed
    Shining Lapis Lazuli
    70,000 Hitpoints
    Shining Sapphire
    70,000 Voodoo Points
    Shining Sodalite
    10.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 15Immaculate Aquamarine
    15% Damage Prevention
    Immaculate Azurite
    30% Repair Value
    -7.5% Repair Speed
    Immaculate Lapis Lazuli
    75,000 Hitpoints
    Immaculate Sapphire
    75,000 Voodoo Points
    Immaculate Sodalite
    11% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 16Polished Aquamarine
    16% Damage Prevention
    Polished Azurite
    32% Repair Value
    -8% Repair Speed
    Polished Lapis Lazuli
    80,000 Hitpoints
    Polished Sapphire
    80,000 Voodoo Points
    Polished Sodalite
    11.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 17Twinkling Aquamarine
    17% Damage Prevention
    Twinkling Azurite
    34% Repair Value
    -8.5% Repair Speed
    Twinkling Lapis Lazuli
    85,000 Hitpoints
    Twinkling Sapphire
    85,000 Voodoo Points
    Twinkling Sodalite
    12% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 18Sparkling Aquamarine
    18% Damage Prevention
    Sparkling Azurite
    36% Repair Value
    -9% Repair Speed
    Sparkling Lapis Lazuli
    90,000 Hitpoints
    Sparkling Sapphire
    90,000 Voodoo Points
    Sparkling Sodalite
    12.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 19Multifaceted Aquamarine
    19% Damage Prevention
    Multifaceted Azurite
    38% Repair Value
    -9.5% Repair Speed
    Multifaceted Lapis Lazuli
    95,000 Hitpoints
    Multifaceted Sapphire
    95,000 Voodoo Points
    Multifaceted Sodalite
    13% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 20Refined Aquamarine
    20% Damage Prevention
    Refined Azurite
    40% Repair Value
    -10% Repair Speed
    Refined Lapis Lazuli
    100,000 Hitpoints
    Refined Sapphire
    100,000 Voodoo Points
    Refined Sodalite
    13.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 21Precious Aquamarine
    21% Damage Prevention
    Precious Azurite
    42% Repair Value
    -10.5% Repair Speed
    Precious Lapis Lazuli
    105,000 Hitpoints
    Precious Sapphire
    105,000 Voodoo Points
    Precious Sodalite
    14% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 22Unblemished Aquamarine
    22% Damage Prevention
    Unblemished Azurite
    44% Repair Value
    -11% Repair Speed
    Unblemished Lapis Lazuli
    110,000 Hitpoints
    Unblemished Sapphire
    110,000 Voodoo Points
    Unblemished Sodalite
    14.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 23Brilliant Aquamarine
    23% Damage Prevention
    Brilliant Azurite
    46% Repair Value
    -11.5% Repair Speed
    Brilliant Lapis Lazuli
    115,000 Hitpoints
    Brilliant Sapphire
    115,000 Voodoo Points
    Brilliant Sodalite
    15% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 24Dazzling Aquamarine
    24% Damage Prevention
    Dazzling Azurite
    48% Repair Value
    -12% Repair Speed
    Dazzling Lapis Lazuli
    120,000 Hitpoints
    Dazzling Sapphire
    120,000 Voodoo Points
    Dazzling Sodalite
    15.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 25Flawless Aquamarine
    25% Damage Prevention
    Flawless Azurite
    50% Repair Value
    -12.5% Repair Speed
    Flawless Lapis Lazuli
    125,000 Hitpoints
    Flawless Sapphire
    125,000 Voodoo Points
    Flawless Sodalite
    16% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 26Impeccable Aquamarine
    26% Damage Prevention
    Impeccable Azurite
    52% Repair Value
    -13% Repair Speed
    Impeccable Lapis Lazuli
    130,000 Hitpoints
    Impeccable Sapphire
    130,000 Voodoo Points
    Impeccable Sodalite
    16.5% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 27Perfect Aquamarine
    27% Damage Prevention
    Perfect Azurite
    54% Repair Value
    -13.5% Repair Speed
    Perfect Lapis Lazuli
    135,000 Hitpoints
    Perfect Sapphire
    135,000 Voodoo Points
    Perfect Sodalite
    17% Dodge
    [​IMG]Level 28Imbued Aquamarine
    28% Damage Prevention
    Imbued Azurite
    56% Repair Value
    -14% Repair Speed
    Imbued Lapis Lazuli
    140,000 Hitpoints
    Imbued Sapphire
    140,000 Voodoo Points
    Imbued Sodalite
    17.5% Dodge
    Ship Specials

    Ship Special Gems have special bonuses which can not be upgraded and are generally of a golden color.

    Only one Ship Special Gem can be equipped into the Special Gem Slot on a Ship.

    An overview of the available Ship Special Gems, the bonuses, and the possible ways to acquire these Gems can be found in the image below.


    Pet Gem Statistics

    Pet Gems are Gems which can be equipped on your Pets.

    A Pet has 3 classification slots; 1 Special Slot and 2 Pet Gem Slots.

    You can only equip different types of gems into these classification slots, for example you can not have 2x Hit Probability Gems. You also can only equip Gems with the same classification as the classification slot.

    Pet Gems can be acquired by opening Pet Booty Bags, more information on these can be found here. Some pets also come with gems already presocketed, you can find which pets come with which gems here.

    Pet Gems

    Pet Gems are not offensive or defensive, they are all of the same type and are of a purple color, containing bonuses which shall increase both your offensive and defensive stats.

    You shall be able to equip two different types of Pet Gems into the two Pet Slots.

    An overview of these gems can be seen in the image below, detailing the name, level and bonus of each gem. Due to the large amount of Pet Gems, these Gems are displayed with two rows for each level.

    [​IMG]Level 1Splintered Amethyst
    1% Critical Chance
    Splintered Ametrine
    1% Harpoon Damage
    Splintered Sugilite
    0.75% Damage Prevention
    Splintered Chalcedony
    1% Cannon Damage
    Splintered Charoite
    0.5% Boarding Bonus
    Splintered Corundum
    2,500 Voodoo Points
    Splintered Flurite
    2,500 Hitpoints
    Splintered Kunzite
    0.75% Dodge
    Splintered Lepidolite
    0.75% Hit Probability
    Splintered Iolite
    1% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 2Chipped Amethyst
    1.5% Critical Chance
    Chipped Ametrine
    2% Harpoon Damage
    Chipped Sugilite
    1.5% Damage Prevention
    Chipped Chalcedony
    1.25% Cannon Damage
    Chipped Charoite
    1% Boarding Bonus
    Chipped Corundum
    5,000 Voodoo Points
    Chipped Flurite
    5,000 Hitpoints
    Chipped Kunzite
    1.5% Dodge
    Chipped Lepidolite
    1.5% Hit Probability
    Chipped Iolite
    1.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 3Synthetic Amethyst
    2% Critical Chance
    Synthetic Ametrine
    3% Harpoon Damage
    Synthetic Sugilite
    2.25% Damage Prevention
    Synthetic Chalcedony
    1.5% Cannon Damage
    Synthetic Charoite
    1.5% Boarding Bonus
    Synthetic Corundum
    7,500 Voodoo Points
    Synthetic Flurite
    7,500 Hitpoints
    Synthetic Kunzite
    2.25% Dodge
    Synthetic Lepidolite
    2.25% Hit Probability
    Synthetic Iolite
    3% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 4Impure Amethyst
    2.5% Critical Chance
    Impure Ametrine
    4% Harpoon Damage
    Impure Sugilite
    3% Damage Prevention
    Impure Chalcedony
    1.75% Cannon Damage
    Impure Charoite
    2% Boarding Bonus
    Impure Corundum
    10,000 Voodoo Points
    Impure Flurite
    10,000 Hitpoints
    Impure Kunzite
    3% Dodge
    Impure Lepidolite
    3% Hit Probability
    Impure Iolite
    3.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 5Raw Amethyst
    3% Critical Chance
    Raw Ametrine
    5% Harpoon Damage
    Raw Sugilite
    3.75% Damage Prevention
    Raw Chalcedony
    2% Cannon Damage
    Raw Charoite
    2.5% Boarding Bonus
    Raw Corundum
    12,500 Voodoo Points
    Raw Flurite
    12,500 Hitpoints
    Raw Kunzite
    3.75% Dodge
    Raw Lepidolite
    3.75% Hit Probability
    Raw Iolite
    3% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 6Irregular Amethyst
    3.5% Critical Chance
    Irregular Ametrine
    6% Harpoon Damage
    Irregular Sugilite
    4.5% Damage Prevention
    Irregular Chalcedony
    2.25% Cannon Damage
    Irregular Charoite
    3% Boarding Bonus
    Irregular Corundum
    15,000 Voodoo Points
    Irregular Flurite
    15,000 Hitpoints
    Irregular Kunzite
    4.5% Dodge
    Irregular Lepidolite
    4.5% Hit Probability
    Irregular Iolite
    3.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 7Scoured Amethyst
    4% Critical Chance
    Scoured Ametrine
    7% Harpoon Damage
    Scoured Sugilite
    5.25% Damage Prevention
    Scoured Chalcedony
    2.5% Cannon Damage
    Scoured Charoite
    3.5% Boarding Bonus
    Scoured Corundum
    17,500 Voodoo Points
    Scoured Flurite
    17,500 Hitpoints
    Scoured Kunzite
    5.25% Dodge
    Scoured Lepidolite
    5.25% Hit Probability
    Scoured Iolite
    4% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 8Clear Amethyst
    4.5% Critical Chance
    Clear Ametrine
    8% Harpoon Damage
    Clear Sugilite
    6% Damage Prevention
    Clear Chalcedony
    2.75% Cannon Damage
    Clear Charoite
    4% Boarding Bonus
    Clear Corundum
    20,000 Voodoo Points
    Clear Flurite
    20,000 Hitpoints
    Clear Kunzite
    6% Dodge
    Clear Lepidolite
    6% Hit Probability
    Clear Iolite
    4.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 9Pure Amethyst
    5% Critical Chance
    Pure Ametrine
    9% Harpoon Damage
    Pure Sugilite
    6.75% Damage Prevention
    Pure Chalcedony
    3% Cannon Damage
    Pure Charoite
    4.5% Boarding Bonus
    Pure Corundum
    22,500 Voodoo Points
    Pure Flurite
    22,500 Hitpoints
    Pure Kunzite
    6.75% Dodge
    Pure Lepidolite
    6.75% Hit Probability
    Pure Iolite
    5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 10Cut Amethyst
    5.5% Critical Chance
    Cut Ametrine
    10% Harpoon Damage
    Cut Sugilite
    7.5% Damage Prevention
    Cut Chalcedony
    3.25% Cannon Damage
    Cut Charoite
    5% Boarding Bonus
    Cut Corundum
    25,000 Voodoo Points
    Cut Flurite
    25,000 Hitpoints
    Cut Kunzite
    7.5% Dodge
    Cut Lepidolite
    % Hit 7.5Probability
    Cut Iolite
    5.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 11Chiseled Amethyst
    6% Critical Chance
    Chiseled Ametrine
    11% Harpoon Damage
    Chiseled Sugilite
    8.25% Damage Prevention
    Chiseled Chalcedony
    3.5% Cannon Damage
    Chiseled Charoite
    5.5% Boarding Bonus
    Chiseled Corundum
    27,500 Voodoo Points
    Chiseled Flurite
    27,500 Hitpoints
    Chiseled Kunzite
    8.25% Dodge
    Chiseled Lepidolite
    8.25% Hit Probability
    Chiseled Iolite
    6% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 12Smooth Amethyst
    6.5% Critical Chance
    Smooth Ametrine
    12% Harpoon Damage
    Smooth Sugilite
    9% Damage Prevention
    Smooth Chalcedony
    3.75% Cannon Damage
    Smooth Charoite
    6% Boarding Bonus
    Smooth Corundum
    30,000 Voodoo Points
    Smooth Flurite
    30,000 Hitpoints
    Smooth Kunzite
    9% Dodge
    Smooth Lepidolite
    9% Hit Probability
    Smooth Iolite
    6.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 13Gleaming Amethyst
    7% Critical Chance
    Gleaming Ametrine
    13% Harpoon Damage
    Gleaming Sugilite
    9.75% Damage Prevention
    Gleaming Chalcedony
    4% Cannon Damage
    Gleaming Charoite
    6.5% Boarding Bonus
    Gleaming Corundum
    32,500 Voodoo Points
    Gleaming Flurite
    32,500 Hitpoints
    Gleaming Kunzite
    9.75% Dodge
    Gleaming Lepidolite
    9.75% Hit Probability
    Gleaming Iolite
    7% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 14Shining Amethyst
    7.5% Critical Chance
    Shining Ametrine
    14% Harpoon Damage
    Shining Sugilite
    10.5% Damage Prevention
    Shining Chalcedony
    4.25% Cannon Damage
    Shining Charoite
    7% Boarding Bonus
    Shining Corundum
    35,000 Voodoo Points
    Shining Flurite
    35,000 Hitpoints
    Shining Kunzite
    10.5% Dodge
    Shining Lepidolite
    10.5% Hit Probability
    Shining Iolite
    7.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 15Immaculate Amethyst
    8% Critical Chance
    Immaculate Ametrine
    15% Harpoon Damage
    Immaculate Sugilite
    11.25% Damage Prevention
    Immaculate Chalcedony
    4.5% Cannon Damage
    Immaculate Charoite
    7.5% Boarding Bonus
    Immaculate Corundum
    37,500Voodoo Points
    Immaculate Flurite
    37,500 Hitpoints
    Immaculate Kunzite
    11.25% Dodge
    Immaculate Lepidolite
    11.25% Hit Probability
    Immaculate Iolite
    8% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 16Polished Amethyst
    8.5% Critical Chance
    Polished Ametrine
    16% Harpoon Damage
    Polished Sugilite
    12% Damage Prevention
    Polished Chalcedony
    4.75% Cannon Damage
    Polished Charoite
    8% Boarding Bonus
    Polished Corundum
    40,000 Voodoo Points
    Polished Flurite
    40,000 Hitpoints
    Polished Kunzite
    12% Dodge
    Polished Lepidolite
    12% Hit Probability
    Polished Iolite
    8.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 17Twinkling Amethyst
    9% Critical Chance
    Twinkling Ametrine
    17% Harpoon Damage
    Twinkling Sugilite
    12.75% Damage Prevention
    Twinkling Chalcedony
    5% Cannon Damage
    Twinkling Charoite
    8.5% Boarding Bonus
    Twinkling Corundum
    42,500 Voodoo Points
    Twinkling Flurite
    42,500 Hitpoints
    Twinkling Kunzite
    12.75% Dodge
    Twinkling Lepidolite
    12.75% Hit Probability
    Twinkling Iolite
    9% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 18Sparkling Amethyst
    9.5% Critical Chance
    Sparkling Ametrine
    18% Harpoon Damage
    Sparkling Sugilite
    13.5% Damage Prevention
    Sparkling Chalcedony
    5.25% Cannon Damage
    Sparkling Charoite
    9% Boarding Bonus
    Sparkling Corundum
    45,000 Voodoo Points
    Sparkling Flurite
    45,000 Hitpoints
    Sparkling Kunzite
    13.5% Dodge
    Sparkling Lepidolite
    13.5% Hit Probability
    Sparkling Iolite
    9.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 19Multifaceted Amethyst
    10% Critical Chance
    Multifaceted Ametrine
    19% Harpoon Damage
    Multifaceted Sugilite
    14.25% Damage Prevention
    Multifaceted Chalcedony
    5.5% Cannon Damage
    Multifaceted Charoite
    9.5% Boarding Bonus
    Multifaceted Corundum
    47,500 Voodoo Points
    Multifaceted Flurite
    47,500 Hitpoints
    Multifaceted Kunzite
    14.25% Dodge
    Multifaceted Lepidolite
    14.25% Hit Probability
    Multifaceted Iolite
    10% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 20Refined Amethyst
    10.5% Critical Chance
    Refined Ametrine
    20% Harpoon Damage
    Refined Sugilite
    15% Damage Prevention
    Refined Chalcedony
    5.75% Cannon Damage
    Refined Charoite
    10% Boarding Bonus
    Refined Corundum
    50,000 Voodoo Points
    Refined Flurite
    50,000 Hitpoints
    Refined Kunzite
    15% Dodge
    Refined Lepidolite
    15% Hit Probability
    Refined Iolite
    10.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 21Precious Amethyst
    11% Critical Chance
    Precious Ametrine
    21% Harpoon Damage
    Precious Sugilite
    15.75% Damage Prevention
    Precious Chalcedony
    6% Cannon Damage
    Precious Charoite
    10.5% Boarding Bonus
    Precious Corundum
    52,500 Voodoo Points
    Precious Flurite
    52,500 Hitpoints
    Precious Kunzite
    15.75% Dodge
    Precious Lepidolite
    15.75% Hit Probability
    Precious Iolite
    11% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 22Unblemished Amethyst
    11.5% Critical Chance
    Unblemished Ametrine
    22% Harpoon Damage
    Unblemished Sugilite
    16.5% Damage Prevention
    Unblemished Chalcedony
    6.25% Cannon Damage
    Unblemished Charoite
    11% Boarding Bonus
    Unblemished Corundum
    55,000 Voodoo Points
    Unblemished Flurite
    55,000 Hitpoints
    Unblemished Kunzite
    16.5% Dodge
    Unblemished Lepidolite
    16.5% Hit Probability
    Unblemished Iolite
    11.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 23Brilliant Amethyst
    12% Critical Chance
    Brilliant Ametrine
    23% Harpoon Damage
    Brilliant Sugilite
    17.25% Damage Prevention
    Brilliant Chalcedony
    6.5% Cannon Damage
    Brilliant Charoite
    11.5% Boarding Bonus
    Brilliant Corundum
    57,500 Voodoo Points
    Brilliant Flurite
    57,500 Hitpoints
    Brilliant Kunzite
    17.25% Dodge
    Brilliant Lepidolite
    17.25% Hit Probability
    Brilliant Iolite
    12% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 24Dazzling Amethyst
    12.5% Critical Chance
    Dazzling Ametrine
    24% Harpoon Damage
    Dazzling Sugilite
    18% Damage Prevention
    Dazzling Chalcedony
    6.75% Cannon Damage
    Dazzling Charoite
    12% Boarding Bonus
    Dazzling Corundum
    60,000 Voodoo Points
    Dazzling Flurite
    60,000 Hitpoints
    Dazzling Kunzite
    18% Dodge
    Dazzling Lepidolite
    18% Hit Probability
    Dazzling Iolite
    12.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 25Flawless Amethyst
    13% Critical Chance
    Flawless Ametrine
    25% Harpoon Damage
    Flawless Sugilite
    18.75% Damage Prevention
    Flawless Chalcedony
    7% Cannon Damage
    Flawless Charoite
    12.5% Boarding Bonus
    Flawless Corundum
    62,500 Voodoo Points
    Flawless Flurite
    62,500 Hitpoints
    Flawless Kunzite
    18.75% Dodge
    Flawless Lepidolite
    18.75% Hit Probability
    Flawless Iolite
    13% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 26Impeccable Amethyst
    13.5% Critical Chance
    Impeccable Ametrine
    26% Harpoon Damage
    Impeccable Sugilite
    19.5% Damage Prevention
    Impeccable Chalcedony
    7.25% Cannon Damage
    Impeccable Charoite
    13% Boarding Bonus
    Impeccable Corundum
    65,000 Voodoo Points
    Impeccable Flurite
    65,000 Hitpoints
    Impeccable Kunzite
    19.5% Dodge
    Impeccable Lepidolite
    19.5% Hit Probability
    Impeccable Iolite
    13.5% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 27Perfect Amethyst
    14%Critical Chance
    Perfect Ametrine
    27% Harpoon Damage
    Perfect Sugilite
    20.25% Damage Prevention
    Perfect Chalcedony
    7.5%Cannon Damage
    Perfect Charoite
    13.5% Boarding Bonus
    Perfect Corundum
    67,500 Voodoo Points
    67,500 Hitpoints
    20.25% Dodge
    20.25%Hit Probability
    14% Critical Damage
    [​IMG]Level 28Imbued
    14.5% Critical Chance
    28%Harpoon Damage
    21% Damage Prevention
    7.75%Cannon Damage
    14% Boarding Bonus
    70,000 Voodoo Points
    70,000 Hitpoints
    21% Dodge
    21%Hit Probability
    14.5%Critical Damage
    Pet Specials

    Pet Special Gems have special bonuses which can not be upgraded and are generally of a turquoise color.

    Only one Pet Special Gem can be equipped into the Special Gem Slot on a Pet.

    An overview of the available Pet Special Gems, the bonuses, and the possible ways to acquire these Gems can be found in the image below.

    pet specials.png
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