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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Guild Special Offers

    Special offers are now available for all! Purchase these packages and accumulate contribution points and your mateys in the guild will benefit from your generosity!

    Be prepared, this is no easy feat for a lone wolf to accomplish, so cooperate with each other for the best benefits!

    Go to the Guild Menu.


    All needed info can be found in a new tab, called “special”.


    Milestone rewards contribution points required are counted as the sum of contribution points from all guild members who have purchased eligible packages, including guild members who contributed and left the guild.


    Milestone rewards are only given out to guild members, who have purchased at least one eligible package with guild contribution points, at the end of the special availability period.

    All contribution points will be reset to zero at the end of the special availability period.

    Players may only receive milestone rewards from the last guild where they have purchased eligible packages and contributed to the guild contribution points, even if they are no longer in the guild when the rewards are given out.

    Eligible members will receive cumulative rewards when milestones are achieved.

    The Milestone rewards are:
    Points requiredMilestone Rewards
    320 x Dragonfire
    1 x Kennelmaster Pet Booty Bag
    10,000 x Ignis ammunition
    259 x Blood of the Inya
    1 x King's Booty Bag
    11,500 x Aqua ammunition
    905 x Dragonfire Level 2
    1 x Beastmaster Pet Booty Bag
    13,000x Aer ammunition
    2002 x Reinforced Ribs Level 2
    1 x Emperor's Booty Bag
    13,000 x Terra ammunition
    4652 x Painbringer Level 5
    2,250 x Crowns
    9991 x Eredun (new pet)
    2 x Divine Booty Bag
    2 x Astral Familiar's Pet Booty Bag
    The new pet “Eredun” has following gems:

    • Dazzling Amethyst
    • Dazzling Sugilite
    • Variscite

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