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Discussion in 'The Players' started by soljaboy, Mar 13, 2014.

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  1. soljaboy

    soljaboy Regular

    hi all my in game name is Flying~phoenix. and i am currently and have always played on the uk server (gb1)

    i started playing seafight a month or so after the server was launched. i have built at least 10 ships and i will continue to build ships as thats what i love doing.

    im 27 years old and retired from the armed forces so as you can gather i have alot of spare time on my hands :).
  2. phantomraspberry**

    phantomraspberry** Someday Author

    Wow,not so easy to build decent ship now all changes have been implemented :)

    Nice to meet you solja, I did much the same on gb1, but am now sailing elsewhere ;)
  3. soljaboy

    soljaboy Regular

    if your name is the same here as it is/was on gb1 then we have met and spoke and i do clearly remember you :) nice to meet you too bro :)

    as for building boats yea i agree its definatly a challenge these days but i love the challenge :)
  4. phantomraspberry**

    phantomraspberry** Someday Author

    Yep, am guilty as charged. Maybe I will dust off my ship and sail gb1 again sometime, although may as well be in a raft for all the good of it! Keep enjoying the game matey, if you ever on Global 5 look me up :)
  5. [AM§]*Wølƒ*

    [AM§]*Wølƒ* Forum Overlooker

    Nice to meet you too. But you'll look for me in vain as I''m over at Global America 2.
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