how can i replace gems

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by xristosvas1, May 16, 2022.

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  1. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    i have read that you can put a gem in the place of the other and the old gem will be destroyed for free and the new gem will take its place i tried it and it worked once but now i tried to do that again but nothing happend is it because you can do it in a certain level of the gem or you can do it only once?
  2. Nimitz

    Nimitz S-Moderator Team Seafight

    Ahoy mate,

    You can add and remove gems as many times as you'd like. You will pay a cost (pearls or gold, depending on gem level) to remove them, but you will not pay any costs to add gems to your ship.

    To remove the gems, click and drag the gem you wish to remove from your ship to the left side where your list of gems is. In the bottom right you will see the cost increase. Once you have removed the gems you wish to remove, click confirm. You will then be charged to remove the gems, and you can then drag the new gems back on to your ship in the spot you that you wish to use. Please note you can have a maximum of 1 special gem, 2 offensive, and 2 defensive gems on your ship. And you will need to remove the gems before adding new ones.

    I've also created a short instruction to guide you throughout this process step by step.

    1. Select the ship design you would like to remove gems from

    2. Point your mouse over the gem you would like to remove then click and hold your mouse button

    3. Drag your gem into your ship inventory


    4. When removing your gem a notification window will appear


    Please click Remove if you would like to proceed, or Close if you have changed your mind.

    5. After choosing "Remove" the cost of gem removal will be displayed in bottom right corner.


    6. Please press green "Confirm" button to accept the removal transaction (you can still press Decline if you have changed your mind)

    7. After pressing Confirm your gem will be removed from the ship design and placed into your gem inventory


    8. In order to place any gems on your ship please hover your mouse over desired gem and click (and hold) the mouse button.

    Slots available should start glowing (look picture below).


    Drop your desired gem right above the glowing spot to place it, and press Confirm to save your changes.


    Note: Always place your gems in empty slot - placing your gem on top of another one will make the one below explode - it will be removed from your account.

    Does this answer your question?
  3. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    thanks but i asked how can i replace a gem. what i mean is that there is 1 gem in the slot and insted of removing it you just put a gem in the slot that the gem is and the old one just disappears. i am asking how can i do that i worked 1 time but now it doesnt is there a certain level of gems that this happens or it works once?
  4. To change gems on your ship, you must be in safe haven, as Nimitz explained. Open the ship configuration menu and select the ship you want to change gems on. Simply copy and paste the gems you want to, either, remove or add and make sure you pay for the change. Hope this helps!
  5. xristosvas1

    xristosvas1 Forum Apprentice

    anyway i found out by myself the way to "replace gems" by the problem was that i tryed to put critical in the place of critical and for some reason it didnt worked so i putted hit propability to destroy critical gem for free and i then placed the better critical gem for free idk why it is so complicated
  6. Nimitz

    Nimitz S-Moderator Team Seafight

    Ahoy mate,

    As stated before, please note, if you do not remove a gem before replacing it, the gem you are replacing will be destroyed. Also, placing gems on your ship is free. You will be charged for removing them though. Also you cannot have 2 gems of the same buff. So you cannot have 2 critical gems or 2 hitpoint gems on your ship at the same time.
  7. Rymar

    Rymar Board Administrator Team Seafight


    since there is no further response this thread shall now be closed.


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