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  1. Andy94

    Andy94 Forum Apprentice

    I know everyday we have some new player coming into the game, We also have alot of solo players!, and i think that's really sad ;( so i want to help them/everyone to get some friends in this RPGMMO game we all call Seafight, I made a video that will help alot of players to understand the real friendship we have going on the sea! :)

  2. why would we enjoy!
  3. -Mr.Eyüp-

    -Mr.Eyüp- Junior Expert

    2 players sink 1 player around own island, yeah some serious skills there xD

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Advanced

    Shoot anything that moves , paint the rest.
  5. IamTheBos

    IamTheBos Junior Expert

    the guys are with 1 cannon shooting a guy with full cannon setup and they don't get sunk this is some fun why have to talk about skill xD
  6. lude1962

    lude1962 Exceptional Talent

    They use hb, so with 4 of them he wont get a chance to shoot back long enough, just shows how some of the stuff invented by the 'devs' is total rubbish and shouldn't get past the design stage.
  7. Andy94

    Andy94 Forum Apprentice

  8. Well don’t know who had one cannon the guy shooting video shows 587 and the guy he shooting only taking 150 damage that’s not skills that would be something else.

    ☠FIREBALL☠ Advanced

    you only need an iq of 12 to know what there up to.
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