Hunt for Dead October 2017

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Hunt for Dead October 2017

    Hunt for Dead October event – from 18th October until 23rd October

    The Hunt for Dead October event features the following:

    · 2 event ships (1 normal, 1 admiral)
    · 1 quest chain with 2 normal quests and 4 daily quests
    · Event chests
    · “Poison vial” glitter
    · 2 designs (one new): “Red Dead October” and “Revenant Reaper”

    The event will start at 12 noon on 18th October and end at 12 noon on 23rd October.
    All times are local server times.

    The “Hunt of the dead October” is an upgraded spawn event where you can hunt two event ships, “Vial Collector” and “Dead October”, on sea. “Vial Collector” can be shot with all types of ammunition and drops Poison vials on death.

    Attention: Collecting “Poison vials” can be dangerous!

    “Dead October” is an admiral ship which must be shot with elite ammunition and will spawn after a certain number of “Poison vials” have been collected.

    Vial Collector:
    Small chance for an epic win (Pearls)
    Leaves Poison Vials (glitter like) that need to be collected to get the Dead October spawned

    Poison Vial:

    You can get a buff, e.g. speed/cannon damage buff or a debuff (Plague & Contagion Curse)
    Also possible to drop an item package (with Crystals, Harpoons, Mojos)
    Small chance to drop Unstoppable
    Small chance for an epic win (Pearls)

    Dead October:

    Chance to drop Pearls by damage share
    Chance to drop Unstoppable
    Small chance to drop the design: “October Dread Design” by last shot or most damage

    Voodoo doom ammunition will cause much more damage against all event ships.

    Event Ranking

    1st place: 1 Revenant Reaper design, 3 Emperor´s Booty Bag, 5 Firestorm cannons level 1 and 10 days Queens Legacy
    2nd - 9th place: 5 Firestorm Cannons and 8 days Queens Legacy
    10th – 25th place: 3 Firestorm Cannons and 6 days Queens Legacy
    26th – 50th place: 1 Firestorm Cannon and 4 days Queens Legacy
    51st – 100th place 2 days Queens Legacy
    5 Random players: 1x Taurus bonus map

    Red Dead October (possible loot from Dead October):
    Twinkling Garnet +17% Harpoon damage
    Twinkling Rose Quartz +8,5% Hit chance
    Twinkling Sapphire +85.000 Voodoo points
    Twinkling Sodalite +12% Chance to dodge

    Revenant Reaper
    (event ranking):
    Polished Ruby +16% Cannon damage
    Polished Coral +16% Critical damage
    Polished Lapis Lazuli +80.000 Hit points
    Polished Sapphire +80.000 Voodoo points

    You can accept Quests by speaking to Loreena Barret (on map 23-1). During the quest series you will also speak to Bill ‘Barnacle’ Ballard (on map 22-1).

    You will find event treasure chests on maps 2-1 to 30-1.
    Event chests can be opened with event Keys.
    In the event chests you will find many useful items, like Voodoo doom ammunition, Legba Amulets, Simbi Amulets, Tritons Benelovence, Pumpkin Power, Lionhearts and some other action items. Additionally you also have a chance to receive Mojos.
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  2. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Ahoy Pirates,

    There is problem with one of our quests – it’s the last quest in the event and there’s an identifier appearing that says:

    seafight.labels.Box Type:0
    This quest is not possible to complete. They are working on a solution, as soon as we have more information, it will be posted here.

    Sorry for any inconvenience at this time.

  3. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Unfortunately, we cannot resolve the problem with the broken quest before the weekend starts. Another sync is way too risky for a Friday afternoon. As you would lose an amount of pearls as a reward, because you cannot do the broken quest. All other event features and quests can be played normally.

    But to give out a compensation for our players, we give out an e-voucher code to all players:

    - The bonus code
    DEADOCTOBER2017 will give 40.000 voodoo doom cannonballs and 15 event keys

    The code is valid until October 23rd 2017.

  4. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    The post event compensation for the event keys of the Hunt for Dead October event will take place today at 4 pm (CEST/ UTC+2).

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