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    DEATHDEALER Someday Author


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  2. [AM§]*Wølƒ*

    [AM§]*Wølƒ* Forum Overlooker

    Please Add more about your guild. So far we know that you are looking for members and that the tag is JEB. What is your mission? Your strategy? What is the guild like? Why should people join?
  3. sXs-Lady-sXs

    sXs-Lady-sXs Forum Greenhorn

    because i say so wolf, and if ur not down with that, i have 2 words fer ya... now getin serious, jeb is cool, we seek peace not war, we r lovers not fighters, I for 1 have friends in all the big guilds, like cstar, skulls, sxs, kor and so on, so if u want to grow in peace join us, death u noob promote ur guild lol
  4. Wølƒunbannedforever

    Wølƒunbannedforever Junior Expert

    Thanks, That was the info that should be posted about the guild. Was playing Devil's advocate. You want to make the guild attractive by praising it and sharing what its about.

    Just saying you want new members is not going to make people come to you. Share the server, share the mission, tell what kind of guild it is. Promote, Promote all you can.

    ЄṾÎŁ•ŠĄИŦĄ Forum Apprentice

    lol.. i know that guild.. they help me to lvl and quest..thanks JEB and also its a fun guild to be in.

    global america 2
  6. kittystomper2

    kittystomper2 Forum Expert

    would help if you posted server too... :)
  7. ~Blaid~

    ~Blaid~ Forum Connoisseur

    Global America 2 :D
  8. ultimateswampfire

    ultimateswampfire Active Author

    Thanks BLAID and yes JEB is indeed a good guild.We have both spanish and english members.
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    ANTHONYGALLOWAY Forum Inhabitant

    join KOR :D we sink JEB xD
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  10. LADYDI02

    LADYDI02 Advanced

    come on ant, i like JEB, they cool

    SURESCORE Forum Apprentice

    Shall JEB ever truly fight? Shall JEB expand if they stay IDLE ?

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