Jolly Roger Day!

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  1. Seren

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    Jolly Roger Day!


    The Jolly Roger Day features the following:

    • 1 Event Ship
    • Quests
    • Shipwrecks
    • Lion Chests
    • Black Market

    The Jolly Roger Day event is an event to celebrate different national holidays and other special occasions. This event will be announced in the forum for specific dates and will last the entire day, 00:00 LST until 23:59 LST.

    The "Freedom" Event Ship can be found on maps 1 – 40. Up to seven of these spawn every 20 minutes in random maps, with seven being the maximum amount allowed on the Seachart.

    The "Freedom" must be shot with elite ammunition, Flare ammunition causes extra damage against the event ship.

    Rewards from Event Ships:
    • Freedom:
      • Depending on how much damage you’ve inflicted, you are rewarded with Experience Points, Crystals and Pearls.
      • The player who successfully wins the boarding receives Crystals, a Commonwealth Officer Level 1 - 3 and a chance for the Jolly Roger Legacy.

    You can accept quests by opening the Quest Menu at the top of your screen. There are two Quests which you can accept and are repeatable every 4 hours.

    Lion Chests:

    In the Lion Chests you find many useful items, like Crowns, Super Armor Plates, Lionheart, Bloodlust, Unstoppable, Dragonfires, Triton's Crown, Mojo and many more.

    Lion Keys will not be reset (changed into normal keys) at the end of the Event. They will stay on the account and can be used in all upcoming Jolly Roger Days.


    The Shipwrecks must be shot with harpoons. In the Shipwrecks you find many useful items like Level 1 60-pounders, Flare Ammunition, Crystals, Hailstorms and many more.

    Black Market:

    During the event, you can buy the 'Bonfire' Design, Lion Keys, Flare Ammunition, different buffs and various action items in the in-game Shop.
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