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  1. kittystomper2

    kittystomper2 Forum Expert

    Hi M8's....I am Kittystomper and I play on the US East 1 server. I have been playing since 2008 and have seen a lot change over the years. It started with me and my three sons and we formed the Piggy guild - we all have Piggy names. They game was simple and they were young so it kept us entertained together. It wasn't too long before we joined wWw - Weed, Women and Whiskey guild when players like 21Guns, Santana, Mohawk, Liberator (Libby) were active. We changed our names to be eye catching (Squirrelstabber, Bunnysmacker etc...). At the time, the guild was a fighting guild and pretty darn good. Then came the updates....well you know what happened. My kids grew and had other interests so they would come on and still do every once in awhile. As a dad it's a pretty expensive game especially when you have kids, as some of you know. Anyway, I ended up leader of the wWw guild and soon was the only playing. I got bored and joined TNP for about 1 year and did a lot of fighting with NEW, SEC and some others. It reminded me of the old days and was more fun playing with others than chilling alone. Unfortunately, fighting comes with a cost and with all the changes I decided not spend money to fight. I rejoined wWw and am still the only one playing.
    I am peaceful, as best as I can be, and just enjoy events if they are any good, scrolls and chatting with m8's. I have never changed my name over the years and have nothing to hide. I think I've been pretty respectful in chat but like to be funny. I have never cheated in any fashion and either worked or paid for building my ship. I am level 20, elite 21 and wear the Golden Raider thanks to the new gem system. I have to say I am getting bored and really don't know what the future holds. This was a good bonding time with my boys and I am thankful for that but life does go on.......Happy Sailing Pirates
  2. -Motomech-

    -Motomech- Forum Greenhorn

    hey do you remember any players from SEC?
  3. phatty-Boastrike

    phatty-Boastrike Forum Apprentice

    Aaarrgghh!! me draws a tear when me hears of such good time! I too walked the plank matey! Me spent time and energy back in the days when it paid off, it is pretty hard (financially), to gain head waves nowadays. Argh!! Thee Voodoo system, along wif thee gem idea just drew me overboard, aaarrgghh! I rather walk the plank...

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