Lag and Performance Problems

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  1. Seren

    Seren Team Leader Team Seafight

    Lag and Performance Problems

    Please differentiate between LAG and Performance-Problem.
    There has been a lot of confusion about these things.
    The Lag is caused by us and can only be fixed by us.
    The Performance-Problem has local reasons and we cant change this.

    LAG = Overloaded Server on our side.

    Delayed Popup-Messages.
    All events are appearing delayed.
    Collected Gold
    Collected EPs

    What You Can Do

    1. Click on the "Options" icon on the Sea Chart.

    Lag and Performance.png

    2. On the next screen, click the word "Graphics".

    3. Place a check in the box "Boost", by clicking on it. This won't fix the problem, entirely, but will help in reducing some of the lag.

    By engaging this function, you will not be able to hear the boats that are shooting around and/or at you.

    Lag and Performance2.png

    Performance-Problem = Not enough performance on the PC the Client is running on.

    Own ship is jumping forth and back on the Sea Chart.
    Other ships are jumping forth and back.

    Why is that Performance-Problem appearing?
    Events are calculated at our server;
    That means: You press a button, opening popup, route-calculation, etc.
    The optical part is locally calculated;
    All things you see are client-related.
    These things are running on the client you have within the local cache.

    Clicking at a new coordinates is sending a command to our server for example saying:

    "I am at AB 01 and I want to go to BA 15"

    That will be calculated at our Server and than it sends back the whole route back to your client;
    So the Client starts moving the ship etc,
    Each thing you see around you is been put there by your client,
    Even the things you do not see, (Behind the fog of War).

    As you know there are much more Monsters and Glitters around you than on for example the Global map.
    Well actually there aren't more around you,
    At the Global Map are just more active Users collecting Glitters and more ppl shooting Monsters.
    The origin of the US-Map is the Global-Map so it still has the same amounts of glitters, monsters, etc. but less active players!
    So things are adding up...
    The local client got more to calculate and whenever it reaches its calculation-limit it seems to be freezing for a short moment.
    Calculation-limit is related to CPU speed and RAM...
    In certain cases even a fast PC can experience that.

    What are we doing against it?

    Our Coders are working on a new performance-Optimized Client.
    It should lower the needed performance drastically!

    Your Coders are decreasing the number of things around you...
    But we are not just doing that.
    The items around you should be related to the active players on that map!
    But that will take some time as well.
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