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Discussion in 'Help' started by ♣Welsh*Dragon♣™, Mar 16, 2019.

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  1. ♣Welsh*Dragon♣™

    ♣Welsh*Dragon♣™ Someday Author

    where is or do i find my league buff?

    TEX~BULL Board Administrator Team Seafight

    The League Buff is found under Boosters:

    You can see what Buffs you have active in your account by going into the Booster Section. This is done by opening your Ship Overview at the top of the screen, then selecting Booster on the far top right of the new window.


    The duration of buffs decreases from the time you have them active on your boat. These shall decrease when you are both online and offline.

  3. rip9999

    rip9999 Forum Apprentice

    league buff is not found there but it is shown under the ship equipment window by holding your cursor over cannon damage on the right of the window under values
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  4. Swift

    Swift User


    This all depends on the type of "buff" you are talking about, we have two League related buffs; League Buff and a League Bonus.

    League Buffs (gained from placing in the Top 100 across all servers):

    Jellyfish League Buff
    Elite Damage: 1000
    Weapon Slots: 5
    Expansion Slots: 5

    Seahorse League Buff
    Elite Damage: 2000
    Weapon Slots: 10
    Expansion Slots: 10

    Barracuda League Buff
    Elite Damage: 3000
    Weapon Slots: 15
    Expansion Slots: 15

    Manta League Buff
    Elite Damage: 4000
    Weapon Slots: 20
    Expansion Slots: 20

    League Bonus (gained from just being a member of that League):

    Jellyfish League Bonus

    +1% Cannon Damage
    +5.000 HP
    +5.000 VP

    Jellyfish Badge

    Seahorse League Bonus

    +2% Cannon Damage
    +10.000 HP
    +10.000 VP

    Seahorse Badge

    Barracuda League Bonus

    +3% Cannon Damage
    +15.000 HP
    +15.000 VP
    Barracuda Badge

    Manta League Bonus
    +4% Cannon Damage
    +20,000 HP
    +20,000 VP

    Manta Badge

    The League Buffs can be found by going into the Boosters section as TEX~BULL has described. The League Bonuses are not visible in game, other than viewing the cannon damage value breakdown as described by rip9999.

    Has this answered your query?

  5. ♣Welsh*Dragon♣™

    ♣Welsh*Dragon♣™ Someday Author

    not showing i have anything there for league buff

    ahh i see that now thanks, but have not had any cannon slots some reason

    seahorse league buff i have the cannon damage but not got the cannon slots for some reason...

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  6. Swift

    Swift User


    Please leave your Server and User ID and I will take a look for you.

  7. ♣Welsh*Dragon♣™

    ♣Welsh*Dragon♣™ Someday Author

    England 1 and 39/26850031


    I cant seem to login at the moment mind wont go past 57 percent again when loading game :/
  8. Swift

    Swift User


    Having reviewed your account, you have not won the Seahorse League Buff from placing in the Top 100 across all servers.

    The only league benefit you are currently receiving is the Seahorse League Bonus, this is not shown anywhere in-game, however, provides you with 2% Cannon Damage, 10,000 HP and 10,000 VP as well as the Seahorse Badge.

  9. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    i have same problem l got seahorse leuge and i drop to leuge of jelli fish fish and my canon slot is same i have 234 slot i must have with seahorse leuge 244 and toher suff damege and others but is same think
    global europe 1 and ID 14/42126930 please resolve that
  10. Swift

    Swift User


    As explained above, this is not a bug. You are not supposed to receive any cannon slots for simply being in a League. Cannon Slots are only received when you win the League Buff from placing in the Top 100 across all servers.

  11. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    you say i must be in 100 winer then i got canon slot and other stufff
  12. Swift

    Swift User


    Yes, that is correct; Top 100 across all servers.

  13. CRORijeka20

    CRORijeka20 Advanced

    and one more question did i get point if i go to bonus map and how to get point i say that for leuge
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