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    League System

    The League System is a monthly reward system based on the amount of Elite Points players accrue. There are four Leagues within which players may participate:
    The Jellyfish League

    jellyfish league.png

    The Seahorse League

    seahorse league.png

    The Barracuda League

    barracuda league.png

    The Manta League

    mantis leaguee.png

    The 15th of every month is the ending period of one month, and the beginning of another. This is the day when the monthly rewards are booked, and each League is reset.

    Reward distribution is based upon a player's Points when compared to ALL PLAYERS WITHIN THAT LEAGUE, OVER ALL SERVERS. Ex. If a player is ranked no. 32 on their server, they WILL NOT be ranked at no. 32 when ALL of the servers are combined, and compared. They may fall to no. 127.

    To find your League Points, click on the Ship's Wheel, and then on the Exclamation Point in the drop-down menu.

    reputation button.png

    You will then see a listing of your points, and the points of the other players in your league, on your server:

    reputation your server.png

    To see what your fellow League players' points are on other servers, click here:

    reputation all servers.png

    How to get into a higher league

    You will first need to travel to the Safe Haven. Click on the image, below.

    reputation icon.png

    Click here to ascend, or descend, Leagues:

    reputation promotion.png
    Here is where you can ascend or descend leagues:

    promotion screen.png

    Some requirements are needed to ascend to the next League:

    You need to be active.

    You have to get a minimum of 1.000.000 ELP in the current season.

    The player needs the basic number of qualifying ELP to ascend.

    The player needs to be in the upper 33% of all players within his current league.

    The player must have been within his current league for at least 7 days.

    You can ascend when you have a green arrow next to your user name in the League Rankings.

    The actual numbers are:

    Total ELP 0
    Season ELP 1,000,000

    Total ELP 5,000,000
    Season ELP 2,500,000


    Total ELP 100,000,000
    Season ELP 5,000,000

    Total ELP 500,000,000

    Season ELP 10,000,000


    To climb from Seahorse to Barracuda, the player needs at least a total of 100,000,000 ELP and must have gathered 5,000,000 ELP in the Seahorse league

    To be able to see if you are able to climb into a higher league, when you are in "Safe Haven", open the "League Window". Choose the column "Promotion", and then move your cursor on top of the field "Climb into next League". A tab will appear for a short time. This then tells you the requirements, what your actual standings are, and what you still require to get to the next league.

    What must happen to descend to a lower league

    You can descend whenever you want, even during a running season. There is a cool down for further ascending or descending.

    NOTE! No matter whether you ascend or descend, you will lose all of your league points and competitors coins and start over in the next higher/lower league.


    Barracuda, Seahorse, Jellyfish, Manta

    League Buff x30
    Competitor's coins x15

    League Buff x20
    Competitor's coins x10

    League Buff x15
    Competitor's coins x8

    League Buff x10
    Competitor's coins x6

    League Buff x8
    Competitor's coins x4

    League Buff 0
    Competitor's coins x2

    League Buff 0
    Competitor's coins x1

    League Buff

    Increases your Pearl Damage, Expansion Slots, and Cannon Slots.

    Jellyfish League Buff
    Elite Damage: 1000
    Weapon Slots: 5
    Expansion Slots: 5

    Seahorse League Buff
    Elite Damage: 2000
    Weapon Slots: 10
    Expansion Slots: 10

    Barracuda League Buff
    Elite Damage: 3000
    Weapon Slots: 15
    Expansion Slots: 15

    Manta League Buff
    Elite Damage: 4000
    Weapon Slots: 20
    Expansion Slots: 20

    Competitor's coins

    The amount of coins you will receive.

    Jellyfish League

    League Bonus :

    +1% Cannon Damage
    +5.000 HP
    +5.000 VP
    Jellyfish Badge

    Seahorse League

    League Bonus :

    +2% Cannon Damage
    +10.000 VP
    Seahorse Badge

    Barracuda League

    League Bonus :

    +3% Cannon Damage
    +15.000 HP
    +15.000 VP
    Barracuda Badge

    Manta League

    League Bonus:

    +4% Cannon Damage
    +20,000 HP
    +20,000 VP
    Manta Badge

    How to get the Elite Designs

    You can purchase the Elite Designs in the Blackmarket. You can only see designs:

    You don’t already own.
    You are eligible for purchasing (total ELP!).
    Your League is eligible for.


    Elite Level Design 1-10


    Elite Level Design 1-10
    Elite Level Design 11-20


    Elite Level Design 1-10
    Elite Level Design 11-20
    Elite Level Design 21-27

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