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  1. -LOCO-666-

    -LOCO-666- Junior Expert

    well servers down and im bored so here i go .. i have been playing seafight since 2008-09-08. i have not been in very many guilds. i started out in a guild i cant remember but do remember the leader was RAMPAGE. from there i then joined the DVL alliance. after losing some key members there i joined P@@ guild with iflingpoo and bait. we had a blast in P@@ guild hitting almost everyone. then the leader (iflingpoo) hung up the towel so i went and joined RKU. this was a major change in game for me for RKU was more of a peaceful guild that hit hardly anyone. i soon became bored with the game and went MIA for almost a year. after a year i came back and ran unguilded (because RKU was no more for some reason) and met up with ~Ⱦħĕ_βØƲŊƬƴ~ and he and i rolled together for some time hittin every red dot we seen. after doing so for about 4-5 months i once again got bored and went MIA. when i returned next i was in for a big surprise because all of seafight had changed.... decks/skill points/castles/ammo/pets could be upgraded/gems... it seemed to be endless and i didnt think i was even gonna start playing again however i decided to roll with it. after looking thru the current rosters of the guilds that were active i decided to join up with NEW guild being i rolled with some them guys in the previous years. i slowly built my ship back to where it needed to be and then NEW guild and alliance (OBS,BPP, and few others) got in some hot water for reasons im unsure of... and we were in a huge war... slowly our members started jumping ship to get out of the war.. soon the alliance was in turmoil and i needed to decided which direction to go being our leader of NEW went MIA i decided to stick with a great group of guys/gals and went to BPP where im currently a council member. Our guild BPP is currently in a huge war with a great group of fighters in UBA/AFW. we run with a few guilds that are also fighting the same guilds we are.

    my name since day 1 has been the same -LOCO-666- .. i do have a few baby boats that were fp back in the day of 105 pcannons ha. i have gone by a few other names on my baby boats but i always inform who i actually am thats on the boat. i see no need/reason to hide behind another name.

    i run on the US EAST server only. i have attempted to start ships on other servers but i just couldnt put the work/time needed on them so they are just thoughts.

    i am STRONGLY against any form of cheating and i will gladly turn anyone in if i know of it. if u need to cheat at a game i see no reason in playing it. :)
  2. -LOCO-666-

    -LOCO-666- Junior Expert

    first guild with RAMPAGE was GOB (the O was omega sign) :)
  3. A-R-K-Y

    A-R-K-Y Forum Overlooker

    Very nice post Loco! You've been fun to play with mate, and hopefully will be fun to play with for a long time yet! :)

  4. Banshee.

    Banshee. Old Hand

    Nice to meet you, Loco
  5. The_Perseph0ne

    The_Perseph0ne Forum Apprentice

    I still consider you a friend from our NEW days =) please dont ignore by listening to other peoples trashtalking.

    Have fun and see you on the water =)

  6. -LOCO-666-

    -LOCO-666- Junior Expert

    yes DAUNTLESS is was a pleasure to sail beside a very respectful person such as urself. i dont ignore anyone..well maybe a few like my buddy adam ha.. but just because we on opposite sides of this war dont mean we cant be civil. you dont talk trash in global (although the trash talk dont bother me its the "personal references" that BOTH sides do.. i hope our paths join up again at some point but until then i will be sure to run when i see ya :) .. enjoy dauntless

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