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    logbook 1.png

    Look here to find notifications of who you sunk, who sunk you, boardings, monster kills, items received, Guilds joined and left, currency spendings, among others
    logbook 2.png

    There are various subcategories you can select to show only relevant information:

    Paid - Items you have paid for and their cost i.e Harpoons, Cannonballs etc

    Received - Items you have received/won, buffs that has been applied onto you (Brother in Arms, Companion of Mercy etc.)

    Boarding - Shows which Ships/Players you have Boarded or attempted Boarding

    Cauldron of Aruba - Items received from the Cauldron of Aruba i.e. Armor Plates, scroll parts, Elite Equipment

    Ship Castle - This will show which castles and their cost that you have purchased

    Treasure Chests - Items received from the Treasure Chests i.e Admiral Cannons, ELP Booster, Elite Ammunition etc

    Battles - View who sunk you and who you sunk

    NPC's - Shows the NPCs you have recently destroyed

    Monsters - Shows the monsters you have recently killed

    Guild - This will show the tax you paid into your guild. If you have recently joined or left a guild this is also viewable here

    Bonus Maps - Times and date of when you have sank an NPC from a wave

    Cauldron of Saba - This is where you can see the rewards of each Vanhu Crate that you have used for the Cauldron of Saba

    Rift - All rift waves done by you can be viewed there

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