Merge Servers!!

Discussion in 'Idea Pool & Suggestions' started by Rabbid, Mar 14, 2022.

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  1. Rabbid

    Rabbid Forum Pro

  2. Xenoverse

    Xenoverse Padavan

    It indeed would bring back the fun[...]
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  3. -PUSAT-

    -PUSAT- Active Author

    My question is, is their any servers that are active these days,cause i play on GA3 and the east coast server, it seems dead everywhere
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  4. Rabbid

    Rabbid Forum Pro

    I believe most servers are dead, some of the mega servers have above average player numbers compared to other servers. The best thing would be to merge all servers so we can all have fun again. ;)
  5. War!

    War! Forum Apprentice

    +1 !!! server merge!!!
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  6. Jumbo76

    Jumbo76 Someday Author

    MERGE please!! don't leave dead servers in the dark. we matter just as much as players on active servers.. :(
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  7. The-Blacklist

    The-Blacklist Forum Greenhorn

    yes please merge the servers

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  8. War!

    War! Forum Apprentice

    we need merge !
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  9. timarpaul1

    timarpaul1 Forum Inhabitant

    make this game less costly and the players will come
  10. hoollgan

    hoollgan Forum Apprentice

    yes, it's time to merge servers !!! we are all pirates at sea and THE PRICES SHOULD BE EQUAL !!!
  11. Bhaha

    Bhaha Forum Apprentice

    Greatesf idea i have ever seen on this forum. Bp probably wont do this bc they dont couldnt care less about our opinion. This threah has been here since 2019 and still nothing has changed..
  12. baronvonrat

    baronvonrat Junior Expert

    merge servers ,dam no, want to come back unlikely you left because you are a loser. The game has its problems but has vastly improved. When I first started people did not play past midnight and it was only busy at weekends, now its full on 24/7. Dead game indeed any one that's says that is not a player they are just some loser that wants to spoil things for others and bring every one down with them. if you think its that bad move on go play something else you bunch of losers.
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  13. they need to sort out people using sentinel and auto target, i want to playe SEAFIGHT not seabot
  14. Carnage~Queen

    Carnage~Queen Active Author

    Merging Servers been done many times now - no evidence of any real success - just adds to general decline of a once great game.
    Essentially ruined by greed of BP and the illegal bot users.
    Probably a better way of increasing the density of ppl playing SF would be to reduce number of maps. Put 2 islands per map to avoid loss of status for the Island owning guilds.
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  15. alektra

    alektra Someday Author

    I agree
  16. Xenoverse

    Xenoverse Padavan

    On GB6, the last thing I've seen was TWO (2) ships, across the 50 maps. But us complaining here will most likely not have any impact at all.

    SeaFight is getting to is end. That is the truth
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  17. #404

    #404 Forum Greenhorn

    There should be an option to migrate your ship to a different server. 1 time move, 1 way move, no moving back. Let those who want to be on 1 mega server move, let those who dont want to move stay on their soon to be empty server.
  18. War!

    War! Forum Apprentice

    When server merge?
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  19. Rabbid

    Rabbid Forum Pro

    Can we get some communication from the top if there is going to be a merge? I want to come back and play, and having a merge would certainly give me a reason to do so. However I'll be leaving my boat to die if not. There is nothing to do but farm. :/
  20. ~Malicious*Fire~

    ~Malicious*Fire~ Forum Apprentice

    Blackmail won't work Rabbid! I would vote against further server mergers - see my comment above:cool:

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